Janet is Not the Hot Tight Young Teen Everyone Talks About!

Do you remember the first tight young teen you ever had sexual fun with?  Everyone remembers the first time.  Doing it as most horny teens call it, is a time of bliss and fun.  Having sex is a time that many people look forward to.  Many young girls want to cherish that one special time.  The point is, we all have that special first time whether it’s sex, that first sex toys you bought while with your girlfriends, first anal experience.

What if that special moment was stripped from you?  I’m here to outline the other side, the darker side of the person forcing an innocent young girl to give in.  Janet had no one to go to the prom with.  She didn’t have a date for her junior year either.  This year was different.  Janet was determined to get a date, any date.  The date would prove to be life-changing for her.

A loner named Wilson asked her on a date.  He seemed nice enough.  Generally speaking, Wilson was quiet and was even polite to her parents when he came to pick her up.  For the time being, Janet was just happy she was going on a date.  In Wilson’s mind, the fact that Janet was vulnerable only fueled his cock.  He couldn’t wait to fuck her.

Incidentally, Wilson’s mind only thought of that moment when he could see the fear on her face. 

After all, it had been nearly a year since he had fucked so well.  His date looked lovely in a flowing midnight blue gown.  The gown almost outshadowed her.  Oh, why did she have to wear so much damn fabric?

The prom was so much fun.  There was great music, food, dance, and lots of beautiful girls all dressed in their finest gowns.  Even while on the date Wilson was openly staring at all the girls.  Pushing this to the back of her mind, Janet tried to be an entertaining, sweet date.

After the prom, Wilson asked Janet to go for a drive along the beach.  Feeling high from the night and her first date, Janet quickly said yes.  The drive was smooth and quiet.  The beach loomed ahead in the distance.  The area looked so dark and mysterious.  There were no lights in this area.  It was the perfect secluded place to take what he wanted.

Wilson stopped the car and all was silent.  He moved in for a kiss.  Janet drew back a little afraid and unsure how to kiss.  Wilson kissed her on the mouth.  The first kiss wasn’t what Janet had in mind.  There was a lack of conversation, and romantic hand-holding, the kiss was supposed to be at her house on the doorstep.  His lips were chapped and hard.

Janet looked into his eyes and became afraid. 

Her fear only made Wilson’s cock stand straight up.  He took her hand and placed it on his cock.  She tried to pull away but Wilson had her firmly by her wrists.  He pulled and ripped at her beautiful gown.  The material seemed to melt under his firm grasp.  A tight young teen loomed clear in his mind.

Janet tried to scratch at his face but she was powerless against him.  He half straddled her body.  His hands pulled Janet’s gown up.  In one swift move, Wilson half ripped, half pulled down her panties.    Ah, Wilson had been waiting for this all night.  He didn’t care about candlelight or anything romantic, he just had to have that pussy in a way that would excite him.

The fear on Janet’s face made him cum in his excitement.  Wilson pulled out his cock, not even bothering to pull his pants down.  His thrust into her tight virgin pussy was oh-so thrilling.  She screamed as he fucked her over and over.  All Wilson wanted was to pound that pussy till he spilled that seed inside of her.

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