One of my many sissy boys, Brad, came over for some fun the other night.

Brad is one of my favorite little fuck boys that loves a dick in his tight fuck hole. I guess we all have our dirty little secrets, and I also have a lovely 10-inch black strap-on. And I love to use it on a willing ass, so I made him put it on me. He immediately fell to his knees and started sucking it down his throat. Then I put him on the edge of my bed.

He turned over and, with his legs wide apart, bent over and held his ass cheeks open for me. I couldn’t resist his puckered brown eye, so I put my face right in it. That asshole would soon be my personal fuck hole. He backed up onto my tongue, and I face fucked his puckered hole. I pushed my tongue in and out of his tight little ass, getting it wet for my cock.

I stopped tonguing Brad’s tight ass.

Then I turned him around, pushing him onto the bed on his back. Standing at the edge of the bed, I grabbed his legs and pulled him to me so close that his tight fuck hole was almost hanging off the bed. I looked deep in his pretty blue eyes with a wicked smirk on my face and barked, “Grab your legs, and pull them up high, and give me that tight little ass, fuck boy!” He quickly complied.

I lubed up my BBC strap-on.

Taking my big black cock in my hand, I pressed the tip against his tight fuck hole and slowly pushed my way inside him. He moaned and cried out loud and raised his hips to meet my thrusts. At first, I fucked him nice and slow, waiting for him to fully relax his sphincter and open his tight fuck hole up for me. Then, I picked up my pace and really started giving it to him. Brad loved it and begged me to fuck him harder. My thighs were slapping against his as I plowed his tight fuck hole. I stopped, pulled out my cock, and laid on the bed next to him.

“Get up here and ride me,” I ordered.

Wasting no time, he straddled me and reached back to grab my cock in his hand. He slowly let it enter his ass again, and then slowly and with his eyes closed, he lowered himself onto all 10-inches of my cock. I took his cock in my hand as he started riding me. I’ve always known Brad was a cock lover. It turned me on so much to watch him moving his hips and bouncing up and down on my cock, arching his back to get me even deep in his tight fuck hole. Then he pressed his body close to mine and started to rub my clit as I stroked his cock.

He kept riding me, his tight fuck hole moving up and down quickly.

With the sounds of my cock punishing his hole and his perfectly positioned fingertips rubbing my twat, it was more than I could take, and I came so hard. With his cock still in my hand, he released a massive load of cum all over my tits. He collapsed on top of me with my cock still in his ass. We were both spent from that tight fuck hole pounding. Brad is such a naughty slut and loves a good ass fuck.

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