Of course, I’ll keep your dirty little secrets…

To the outside world, you’re a respectable, sensible, gentleman. A man’s, man. You drink a beer with your buddies. You watch all the football games. Just think of the consequences of your wife, boss, or the world finding out your dirty little secrets. They would never look at you the same again. They would shun you, some would shame you, others would ignore you altogether but everyone would be talking and whispering about you. Are you a closet faggot or a panty wearing sissy boy. Maybe you just like those forbidden fruits that are just so tempting.

It doesn’t make a difference to this twisted slut.

If it’s beyond vanilla, it doesn’t matter what your dirty little secrets are. You’re afraid you’ll be considered a pervert or less of a man if they came out. It’s harmless to wear pretty pink panties, everyone knows, but what kind of “man” does that kind of thing? So what if you like to suck a big fat juicy cock! Besides, I love hearing about whatever gets your cock hard. Some of my favorites are the cuckold ones. Tell me about how you want to eat a fresh hot creampie out of your wife’s pussy when she comes home from her big black lover’s house, but it’s considered taboo. Because you’ll never convince some people that bondage, spanking, or tickling is normal sexual activity either. Those snobby bitches obviously just need a good hard fucking.

Share your dirty little secrets with a like-minded person like me.

I’m someone who gets where you’re coming from because I’ve been there. I’ve been ridiculed for being different or a slut and mocked for liking the taboo, naughty side of life. That’s why I love hearing about all your taboo dirty little secrets and especially helping you live them out. Have you found yourself daydreaming about your hot sexy lover taking you to the glory hole so they can watch you take cock after random cock? 

I’ll never judge or criticize you because I don’t have time for drama. I’ll tell you what I think if you ask my opinion.

Just know, the more taboo and forbidden your kinks are, the more I love it. I haven’t found anything too taboo for my twisted mind. Come try to make me blush! Is your dirty little secret to be dominated by a strong-minded Mistress? A real woman who knows exactly what she wants and demands it? Look no farther my pet, I’ll have you on your knees worshipping my beautiful body, right where you belong.

Maybe your wife or girlfriend is a delicate flower and can’t handle a rough fuck.

Do you need to dominate or have a savage gang rape fantasy with your friends? Come get me, I’m ready for you and all you can dish out. Punish all of my holes! Use me and let your buddies use me too! Make me get down and suck your toes or lick your asshole.  Thank you for punishing me, Master. I want to be your sex slave. Fuck me harder, faster, deeper! Slap my face, whip my ass till your handprint is sealed in red. I’ll submit to my Master, completely with no questions asked, of course.

Come tell me those dirty little secrets you have for your own flesh and blood.

In my world incest is best and I love to live my own stories out with you, or we can make new ones. Besides, your mind is the only limit. How young do we dare go? Do you want to play with your girl or your boy? Do you long to hurt a young innocent? Come with me and we’ll see just how deep the rabbit hole goes. With me by your side, your dirty little secrets are safe and sound, and only between you and me.

Do you need a dirty little secret, of your own?

Your secret girlfriend will always be at your beck and call. Oh, baby, did you have a hard day at work? Tell your girl all about it. Need to come home and relax with a long bath while your best girl whispers sweet nothings in your ear? I’ll give you all the fun and excitement of a real GFE with none of the drama. And best of all, I’ll never leave you for another man.

Cum let me teach you how to have the best phone sex of your life, you’ll never be the same and will cum back begging for more!