You may think I’m referring to my self pleasing fuck toys and you all know I have plenty of those! All shapes and sizes with different functions but this is not about my battery operated toys that are always there when I need them most…

This is about my human fuck toys! The ones that are so eager to do exactly what I want, whenever I want! When you think of your normal dominatrix you think Bitch, Mean, Hurtful, Pain! I do things a little different… 🙂 I will ask you to do something is the sweetest southern voice you’ve ever heard and you will do whatever I ask just to make me happy. I don’t need to be mean 😉 I will find all of your little weaknesses and completely use them against you! You will find yourself thinking of me throughout the day with the tasks I place on you.

My fuck toys are such good boys and I treat my good boys very well. They also know I have a little bit of a bratty bitch side and they don’t want me upset. I’m too sweet to get on my bad side. You want to make me happy don’t you? Will you beg me to do the exactly what is going to please me? My fuck toys trust that even though I may give them a task that is a little uncomfortable at first, ultimately it will only increase their pleasure! I love to play with my fuck toys often and see what lengths I can push them to just to make me happy. Its doesn’t take long for my toys to become addicted to me. I come up with the cleverest of ways for you to show your devotion to me and I only share on my terms.

Are you reading this thinking that you are too manly to have someone strip away all control you THINK you have on a regular basis? No woman could ever make you do some of the naughty thoughts that are going through my brain? Hahahaha little do you know that you are one of my favorite types of toys! The ones that I can manipulate into thinking your doing something purely selfish but in reality it’s all for me…. let me go for a few days, try and stop this addiction ~ You know you want to have just one little taste 😉 Once you do you’ll never want to quit, keep telling yourself you have complete control over it baby, that’s fine with me because that’s when I’ve got you exactly where I want you!


Temptress Tiffany