Tied up, Spanked and Fucked – Learning My Lesson

I had been found playing in a secret room by the man of the house. You may want to read the first part of this sexy fantasy here although it’s not really necessary to understand what is going on in this part. “Having a good time Brooke?” he asked. “I’m so sorry, Sir! I got bored and was exploring and well, when I found this, I couldn’t help but try it out!” I stammered. “You know what happens to curious little girls don’t you Brooke?” he asked. “Nnnoo”, I stammered.

He walked to me slowly and uncrossed his arms. Reaching out a hand to me, I took it and he helped me down from the saddle. He led me to the bed and when we got there I noticed that there were straps on each poster. He first tied up my hands. I thought he was going to tie my legs to the bottom but instead he pulled a second set from the top and strapped my ankles to them, pulling tightly and positioning my legs up so my body was bent in half with my ass and pussy exposed.

I was a little scared at this point but turned on to a point that I had never experienced before. So I had no idea what half of the shit he had hanging on the walls were or what he would be doing to me for intruding on his private space. Where the hell was his wife anyway? Did she even know that I was in here with him?!?! “What are you going to do to me Sir?” I asked quietly. I was tied up and feeling very exposed. “Don’t speak unless I give you permission,” he replied. “I will be doing whatever I want to you.

You have been a naughty girl coming into this room.

Do you even know half of what I have here?” “No Sir,” I replied, “I was just playing around with some stuff that I thought looked fun.” “Ohhh, ,” he started, “well, in that case, let’s see..” he moved from the bed and chose a stick with some little leather straps on the end of it. He ran it up the length of my wet slit, up my stomach to my tits and then gave each one a little swat. I gave a little yelp at the small sting on my sensitive nipples.

“First, you will be punished. Once I feel that you have had enough, we will discuss more.” He ran the soft leather over my chest, down my stomach and up my sides before he gave my soft skin a slap. “OOHHH!!” I screamed out. This time he had slapped just a little harder than before. He moved down even further and started to tease my pussy with the tips. I thought he was done with my punishment but a loud TWACK and stinging on my pussy make me jump and yelp. I was taking my punishment like I deserved but holy hell, I had no idea that it would be turning me on so much!

“It looks like you are enjoying this Brooke,” he said. “I had no idea you were such a naughty girl.” He began to laugh a little. As far as he knew, I was a good Catholic girl that went to church every Sunday and always said my prayers. That was how we met at least. He knew my parents from church. Little did he know my secret desires, fetishes and well, my job as a phone sex slut!! I hid that from my parents too so I guess he wouldn’t really have any reason to find out unless I told him.

He continued his punishment on my ass, striking me with the leather ten more times, making me count them out.

When the last blow was finally delivered, he ran the leather straps up my dripping cunt, all the way up my body to my parted lips. “Can you smell that Brooke?” he asked. “Your sweet pussy juice is all over it, you are very turned on by this aren’t you?” “Um..Yes.” I replied. He gave me a quick swat to my ass again, but not as hard as before. “You will call me Sir! Now, yes what Brooke?” “Yes Sir!” I replied. “Very good,” he said.

“You took your punishment way better than I anticipated.” He put down the stick and moved his hand onto my ass. I was expecting him to punish me some more, but he began rubbing my stinging backside with the palm of his hand.

Undoing his pants, he pulled out his hard cock. “Do you see what you do to me?” he asked. Taking his pants completely off he kneeled on the bed and placed his large erection right on top of my pussy, just laying it there for me to see.  It was about nine inches long and pretty thick too. He pressed it onto my slit and began sliding it up and down just coating it in my juices. As he moved down toward my ass again, he placed the tip of his cock right at the entrance to my dripping pussy and started to push inside.

With my wrists and ankles bound together, I was tied up, helpless and completely open to him.

He slid the full length of his cock into me, grabbed onto my hips and started to fuck me harder and harder. My body was moving up and down the bed with his pounding. I started moaning louder and louder as he slammed into me. “You are going to be my little slave whore from now on Brooke,” he said. I couldn’t even reply coherently, I kept screaming “OH YES!! Yes Sir!!” as he fucked into me.

He continued fucking into my dripping cunt. My orgasm took over and I began to squirt all over him! With my legs up above my head I could see my cum squirting out like a little fountain around his cock as he pulled out and pressed back inside. This must-have turned him on like crazy because as he slammed back into me I felt him spasm and his cock began twitching as he shot his load deep inside my pussy. “Ohhhh Brooke, we are definitely going to have some fun in here!

You are to return to my house every weekend, ready to learn more about my lifestyle and of course ready and willing to be my little slave whore!” How could I say no after the best fucking orgasm I’d had in a LONG time! “Yes Sir.” I replied with a smile. I couldn’t wait to see what would happen next. With so many different devices and implements around this room, my brain was going crazy with the possibilities of what he would use on me next! Do you want to give me some ideas? Or even get your own piece of a submissive little slut? Give me a call, I’ll be on my knees waiting for you Sir.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke