I was hired to house sit for a couple that I had known for a couple of years. So I don’t know if you have ever had to house sit before but that shit gets boring! I mean here I am, in this huge house with no one around. So I did what any really bored person would do in a house this size….I went exploring. HAHA!! I had been a sexy phone chat operator for almost a year now but not many people knew that about me. You know I love fetish phone sex as much as the next person, but when I stumbled upon a secret room in their house while snooping I was surprised and just had to masturbate in it.

I was in the study, surrounded by books. It was like heaven to me. I’m the biggest nerd at heart and LOVE to read. I was checking out titles, running my fingers over the spines of books when I saw the jackpot! Down toward the bottom where most people wouldn’t look were some erotic books. These were not just your run-of-the-mill erotica novels either. One in particular caught my eye. It was a fairly decent sized book, a little old school with a leather jacket. The spine read “BDSM – Tools of the Trade”. Holy Shit!! I had to look!! I placed my finger on the top of the spine and began to pull it out. As I did the shelves moved out toward me and slid over revealing an open doorway. The room to which it led was pitch black.

There must have been sensors in it because as I walked through the door the lights turned on.

I gasped as the light revealed a fairly large room overflowing with naughty toys!! There was a four-poster bed at the far end centered against the back wall and covered with a deep red satin-looking comforter. The walls were lined with different implements. Not only did this room have the standard whips and chains that you would find in any BDSM dungeon, but it also include several sex toys, machines, something that looked like a padded table and a St. Andrew’s Cross.

I didn’t even know what most of them were! So, how is a girl to figure out what these mysterious devices are? I checked to make sure no one was home early and headed back to the secret room. My pussy was already starting to get excited. I walked over to a fuck saddle and ran my hand across the black dildo that was attached to it. I was definitely going to be using this but I wanted to explore more. Something else caught my eye from the corner of the room and I knew that I needed to masturbate my pretty little puss with it.

It looked like a chain saw blade, except instead of a blade it had long pink tongues on it.

As the tongues went around it looked like they slapped onto the pussy. They even slapped onto a brush that lubed them up! That was all I needed to see, and I was ready to give it a go! I grabbed the machine and positioned it so that it was perfectly set over my cunt. All I had to do was lay my naked body back and turn it on. As it began to start up I leaned back and let it do its work. This pussy licking machine should be a staple in every adult phone chat babe’s home!

I arched my back and began to grind my pussy against the many licking tongues. It felt like heaven as I edged myself closer to cumming. I was getting closer and closer but I had so much more I wanted to do! I decided to have some fun like the guys who love my edge play phone sex. Then I turned off the pussy licking machine and headed over to the saddle.

It reminded me of the bull machines that you see girls riding. Well, besides the fact that it had a giant dildo sticking straight up off of it. I grabbed the bottle of lube that I had found and lathered it up. Putting my foot in the stirrup, I swung my other leg over so I was now straddling the saddle. That big dildo was just inches from my pussy. I lowered myself on to it moaning as it filled and stretched me. Holy fuck this felt amazing!!

I was finally fully seated on the machine.

My ass pressed against the leather and my pussy completely filled when I noticed a small remote control hanging from the saddle horn. Ohhhhh it has power too!!! I pressed one of the buttons and the dildo began vibrating. There were other buttons so I decided to see what they all do. One made the horn of the saddle vibrate and another made the whole saddle move like I was riding!!  Oh hell yes!! This was going to be the one that makes me cum!! I grabbed on to the pole in front of me and pulled myself forward a little so that my clit was pressed up against the horn.  Pressing the button to make it all move, I held on tightly as I took in all of the sensations moving through my body.

It didn’t take long for me to feel an orgasm building but I wanted to hold it off as long as I could. I kept riding, vibration going inside of me and pressed against my clit as I rode harder and faster. I couldn’t hold it in anymore! My body began to spasm, my legs tightened on the saddle and my orgasm fully took me over! Cum squirt from my pussy so much that the entire saddle was covered!

It was dripping all the way down my legs and off of the saddle, making a puddle on the floor below me.

As I turned off the machine and started to rest my head on my arms in front of me, I heard a noise behind me. Startled, I jerked my head up and turned around. There, standing in the doorway, was the man of the house. He was dressed in his tux from the dinner party, leaning against the door frame with his arms crossed just watching me. His face was expressionless. Oh fuck, I was in so much trouble!! Want to know what happened?  Stay tuned for part two!! But why wait… give me a call and I’ll tell you all the sexy details.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke