Tickle Me, Daddy, Down There

I know that I’m a mom and a cougar and an Auntie. I know that I’m usually the older, mature woman. But sometimes I’m still daddy’s girl and I’m still my uncle’s favorite little niece that he likes to pick up and bounce on his lap. Sometimes I don’t want to be the one directing you how to make me cum. Sometimes I need a big strong real man to take control of me and be my daddy.

When I was younger daddy liked to take me out to get new dresses and shoes. And I loved playing dress up for daddy. “Oh, there’s my pretty little girl. Oh, my little is the prettiest girl in the world.” He would dance with me and twirl me around until my dress flew up over my under panties. He would take me to the park and we would play. When I would get on the swings daddy would push me way high in the air. I loved how he grabbed my butt when he pushed me in the air.

When I would slide down the big slide daddy would catch me at the end and I would wrap my legs around his waist and he would grab squeezed my butt and pick me up. When we played hide and seek he would also find me. And when he did he lay me on the ground and tickle me.

Sometimes he tickles my tummy and slide his hands down my body and tickle me between my legs. I like that the most.

One time my uncle came with us to the park. We played hide and seek and this time my uncle found me. “Are you going to tickle me like daddy does?” He asked, “Point to where daddy tickles you.” I pointed to my stomach and he tickled me and I laughed. Then I pointed to my butt and uncle tickled and squeezed my butt and we laughed again. Then I spread my legs wide and pointed. He looked at my crotch and said, “Here? Daddy, tickles you here?” I grinned and said, “Yes. I love to be tickled here.”

Uncle said, “The tickle would feel so much better if you took off your shorts and your panties.” “Really?”, I sighed. “Oh yes, really”, he replied, “let me help you.” He pulled off my shorts and my panties and began tickling my inner thighs. He moved his fingers up higher and higher and tickled my little clit. I didn’t laugh at all but I moaned and moved my little hips  ’round and ’round. He slid his fingers deep inside and I bounced on his finger up and down. I looked up and saw my daddy standing there watching us. He was holding his huge hard cock in his hand.

I whispered, “Tickle Me, Daddy, Down There”.

Dad pushed uncle’s hand away and knelt between my legs. He rubbed the head of his cock on my clit and I moaned even louder. He said, “Daddy’s going to tickle you real good, honey.”


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