She laid back, her head off the bed, neck back; so her whole neck was stretched out, craving a throatpie. She looked back at him as she slides her hands down her body.

Her breasts jiggled, her nipples mesmerizing him as his gaze followed. His eyes darkened with lust, as her fingers disappeared. She moved her hips coating her fingers before bringing them out to show him. His features became fierce.

“This is what happens when I think of having your cock in my mouth.” She whispered and brought her fingers towards her lips. “I get so hot and slick for you.”

“Is that what you want kitten, my cock in your mouth?” His cock was so hard he thought he was going to shatter.

She licked her fingers. Her hair hung down like a dark waterfall of silk. He stepped closer so he could feel the mass against his thigh. Her head was positioned at the perfect height.

He ran the pads of his fingers over her throat as he circled his cock with his fist. She brought her hand back to her pussy and curled her fingers deep.

The sight was so sensual, sending little shoots of lightning right through his groin.

He caught her wrist and brought her hand up towards her face, turning her fingers to his mouth and sucking them clean.

His cock jerked hard.

She reached back with her free hand and stroked his heavy balls. “I want your cock so much my mouth is watering. I need to taste your throatpie.”

He felt his heartbeat through his cock, right into the palm of his fist. She was his and she was offering him heaven. Offering it her way.

The tip of her tongue slid around her lips, keeping them wet. For him. She swallowed against his hand, his eyes darkening even more with an erotic, carnal, very wanton invitation.

“I wonder which of us would get off first if you were in my throat. Just thinking about having you that deep has me so close I’m not certain I can hold out long enough to do the things I want to you.” She whispered the invitation aloud, circling her clit, her knees falling apart.

He wanted to see her pussy spread wide open: see her swell and glisten as she used her fingers to pleasure herself.

His lust rose fast and sharp, consuming him to the point he saw a red haze and thunder crashed and roared like a beast in his ears.

“I put my cock in your mouth like this, woman, I’m going down your throat. You know that. There’s no way I won’t.”

It was a warning and he meant it as one.

He rubbed the crown of his cock around her lips, leaving a trail behind. Her tongue chased after the shiny liquid. It was sexy as hell. She was sexy as hell.

“Why do you think I am lying like this silly?’ her other hand joined the first so both were caressing his balls.

The action lifted her tits. He loved the sight of her large lusty breasts. Her nipples were hard and rigid for him.

His seed boiled, scorching hot, and ready to explode whenever he was ready. He painted more of his pearly drops along her lips watching her lick them off, just because it was so damn sexy.

“I want you to face fuck me, so I can deep throat you and you give me a throatpie.” She spoke. Her voice was so husky from desire it was sultry “Honey stop making me wait.” She licked her lips again.

“I’m not certain I can stay in control.” He warned telling her the truth. “I could get rough.” He watched her eyes. “You are so fucking hot.”

“Be rough, then. I’ll be getting off on it.” She said…

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