I was daydreaming of a thirst-quenching orgasm. 

Being home alone always makes my mind run wild, and I had a thirst-quenching orgasm on the brain today. I was startled from my fantasy when you knocked on my door. My pussy had already started to get wet. When I opened the door, I couldn’t believe my eyes. My smoking hot neighbor was standing there with a towel around his waist, smiling. “I seem to have locked myself out of my apartment. Can I use your phone?” I let him in with a noticeably big smile on my face. All I could think about was putting his cock in my mouth for a thirst-quenching orgasm. What guy would turn that down? My hot wet mouth wrapped around the length of his shaft.

I just came out and said it, without even thinking.

“Can I suck your cock and let you blow your load down my throat?” I could hear my brain inside my head telling me how crazy I was, but at the moment, I didn’t care about anything except having that thirst-quenching orgasm squirting down my neck. He sat there for a moment and said nothing. Then he got up and pulled the wet towel and his shorts off, sat back, and stared at me. He couldn’t resist my sexy hot mouth.

I kneeled between his legs and grasped him with both hands around his large warm cock.

I was teasing his length with my tongue, knowing how eager he was to pour himself down my thirsty throat. My lips parted to allow him access. I use my hands to guide him in, moistening him with the juices of my anticipation for his thirst-quenching orgasm. I wrap my lips around him firmly, using my tongue to sweep over his heat and taste the salt of his warm flesh in my mouth. Inhaling his scent as my eyes flutter closed. I moaned around his sizeable rod.

How can he be so strong when he is so vulnerable between my teeth?

However, I hold him as a cherished possession there, more valuable than any jewel. He is slick now. Wet with my mouth that’s been easing him up to an even more demanding arousal level. I take a moment to flicker my emerald green eyes upwards to see approval, desire, and want on his face. I am rewarded, seeing all the lust for me in those sky-blue waves. It doesn’t take long until the combination of his fingers curled around my long blonde hair, my mouth around his throbbing cock. My trained suction gives birth to a mountainous climax… not only his seed but more. He holds my head tight there until he has finished with the violent spasms and jolts then. His cock stiffens once more. The taste hits my tongue and throat sharply, the scent of it rising through my head.

I begin to gag but know I mustn’t spill a drop.

Ramming his head directly down my throat, he releases the nectar stream, that spiced torrent that bursts forth and fills me. I can barely swallow in gulps enough to keep the flow down my thirsty throat but keep it, I must. After all, I’m the one who wanted his thirst-quenching orgasm. There is so much. I dare not even breathe or stop or do anything but the natural bare gulping action that is the act of my passion – to swallow down and take everything he can give me, and be grateful for it. Thank you for quenching my thirst.

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