I could never resist her sexy hot mouth and she knew it.

Standing at the sink, doing dishes is where she found me today. She walked up behind me and sucked a hickey on my neck’s soft flesh. I grabbed the hand towel on the counter, dried my hands, and turned to face her beautiful sexy hot mouth for more. My hands both went up to cradle her face and I locked lips with that sexy hot mouth. Then one hand slipped down to cup her luscious full breast. I don’t think we stopped kissing till we made it to the bed.

We undressed each other as my tongue explored her sexy hot mouth.

Then she pushed me down on the bed. The sensation of her tongue running over my sexual lips, combined with the vacuum from her sucking on each piece of intimate flesh was enough to make me lift my hips off the bed. I wanted her tongue in me. French my pussy. Kiss me properly with that sexy hot mouth.

Damn her; she always was a tease.

Her tongue darted over every fold and crease of my pussy, until she lapped away the escaping liquid arousal between my inner lips. As much as I leaked, she lapped it up and continued her maddening circles, avoiding both entering and lingering over my clit. It ached for her sexy hot mouth and to have her lips locked around it. I needed her tongue to swirl over my pulsating, swollen, jewel, which throbbed like a heartbeat. Finally, she was satisfied with her external kissing and her tongue lapped the last of the wetness, which had snaked its way from deep within my hot wet cunt.

She went to meet the source.

She was thrusting herself deep inside me, contrasting with the sudden and intense rush of pleasure as if impaled upon her tongue. Rimming my hole and ramming it deep inside, then out again, lapping around my edges, then back inside. Moving inside me, with that sexy hot mouth, I felt as if I were on fire, ablaze under her sexy hot mouth.

With her withdrawal, she would lift her tongue to lash it across my clit.

With her penetration, she would explore my inner area with her tongue as expertly as Casanova no doubt kissed his lovers. The pleasure her kiss gave me was causing my movements off the bed to become more violent. I was fucking her sexy hot mouth now, as a result, she did her best to hold me down. My hands found her hair, and I wrapped my fingers around it, holding her head as if I could control this wild cat between my thighs.

The sounds I made would have made a grown man blush.

Reality couldn’t possibly match the white-hot screech that tore through my brain, but I am sure my mouth came close. As the orgasm threatened to open up a sinkhole beneath the bed and, as a result, drag me down. I felt my lover breathe a smile against my sucked and fucked raw opening with that sexy hot mouth. She knew that her sexy hot mouth had brought me to that point.

Lifting my ass with her palms slipped underneath.

Meanwhile, she was trying to support my struggling to behave hips. She went full tilt at her next bout of kissing with that sexy hot mouth. I didn’t know I was screaming my orgasm until it faded against the enveloping want of her sexy hot mouth. Reality slowly returned, as a result of her kissing me, my orgasm cunt juices, and her sexy hot mouth intermingling with mine. Our tongues said the things our mind couldn’t yet comprehend. She knows how to kiss with that sexy hot mouth, and as for me, I’m lip locked and loving it.


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