A True Slutty Girl Wears Thigh High Boots!

Thigh high boots are worn by everyone!  All kinds of people wear these stylish boots from a hot sister whose brother fucks hard to the hot cheating MILF down the street.  Back in my teen years, I babysat a boy down the street.  I truly think he had a crush on me.  Perhaps it was the attire I wore that started the whole thing.

One day I went and shopped for some boots at the mall.  There was an incredible sale on the lovely boots.  I bought some cute snakeskin thigh high boots and a pair of orange latex boots.  The neighbor down the street called and asked me if I would watch their son Benny.  Benny was a sweet nine-year-old kid.  There was no time to go home and change.  So I ended up going to the house in my snakeskin thigh high boots, top, and shorts.

Little did I know what awaited me!

When I arrived at the house, my dad had left.  Benny waited for me in the kitchen.  He was giving me a strange look.  Benny’s eyes traveled up and down my body and lingered on my boots.  My face flushed red hot.  The room felt very hot all of a sudden.

Benny and I sat down to play some video games.  His eyes kept staring at his boots.  Benny handed me the controller.  I became so engrossed in the game, I didn’t notice that Benny had taken his cock out and was vigorously masturbating his hard dick.  My mouth dropped open in surprise.  His cock was huge for such a young guy.

Part of me couldn’t look away as his hand went up and down on his rod. 

Benny confessed he had naughty thoughts about what it would be like to do it with me.  His friend Kenny had told Benny about sex.  I crossed my legs as this was actually getting me hot.  In my mind, I imagined spreading my legs and letting him lick my cunt as he stroked his cock.  I modeled all kinds of boots for him, especially my thigh high boots, and teased Benny with my ass.  In my excitement, I finger fucked my pussy and cum dropped all over my boots.  Benny went down on his knees to clean my boots.  Next, I spread my legs and Benny fucked me on the bed with my legs raised in the air like a slut.

I came out of my thoughts.  Benny had put his cock back in his pants.  His bigger brother walked into the house.  Ron looked me up and down and down at my thigh-high boots.  Oh, that afternoon was a delightful day full of surprises.

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