I Never Expected to Hear My Brother Fucks Hard!

When you get together for lunch with a childhood friend you never expect to hear her talk about how her brother fucks hard.  One of my childhood friends Stella called me out of the blue and asked if I wanted to do lunch with her.  I jumped at the chance to see her again.  Secretly, I wondered how she had changed and how life had been treating her.  In class, I always remembered a meek shy girl with more than ample curves.  She had a brother named Raymond who I lusted after.

During lunch, Stella opened and shut her mouth very fast as if she was going to spit out some juicy tidbit.  Finally, Stella blurted out that her brother fucks hard and did it every night.  My mouth dropped open in surprise.  I expected a tender recap of Stella’s life, not a scandalous family sex stories confession!  I had to hear this story.  My brother and I had some hot adventures together, so I was anxious to compare stories.

The guy I had been crushing on for years was fucking his sister. 

I was both aroused and jealous when I heard this admission.  Many times I masturbated thinking of what it would have been like to fuck Raymond.  Anyways, one night Raymond came home from a date all frustrated.  Raymond burst into his sis’s room while she was on the phone.  Angrily Stella disconnected the call.  Raymond sat on the bed and started talking about his date and how it sucked.  She was used to his rants about bad dates.  After so many bad dates it was commonplace for Raymond to come home with blue balls.

Raymond started to touch Stella’s legs, caress her calves, her thighs, and up between her legs over her pink cotton panties.  Stella tried to push Raymond away partially from fear and because his caress was making her horny.  Unable to take the tension, Raymond pushed his little sis back onto her back and started kissing her passionately.  Stella tried to protest but was cut off as Raymond told his sis how he knew that she was sneaking her boyfriend in through the window to fuck her at night when Mom and dad went to sleep.

Upset and afraid of being blackmailed, she gave in to Raymond’s demands. 

Slowly her brother kissed his sis’s lips.  Stella’s lips were as soft as he imagined.  She returned his touches and wrapped her legs around him.  Their grinding bodies made her soaking wet.  Raymond couldn’t take it any longer.  He removed his sister’s wet panties and started eating her pussy.  She shook and screamed as his tongue licked away her tension and released the inner beast within.

Now was the time!  Stella was ready for his throbbing cock to penetrate her wet hole.  Raymond thrust long and deep all the way up to his balls.  Grabbing her hips, Raymond plowed in and out enjoying the feel of her soaking pussy squeezing his shaft.  Oh man, Stella was so tight.  Thoughts of what it would be like to have a growing baby bump made his cock twitch with excitement.  He wanted to fill that pussy up with his cream!  From now on, Raymond would never have a frustrating night.  Sis would always be there.

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