Sugar Baby Diaries.

High school graduation is such a happy day in life. Many will go off to college after summer is over. Some will start a job or join the military, and some will become nothing. However, I knew from much earlier on, I would be something. The idea of more school seemed like such a bore. The idea of working nine to five in order to pay for the bare minimum seemed even crueler. I knew I wanted a luxurious life. Luckily for me, being prom queen wouldn’t be the end of all my glory. This is just the first chapter of the sugar baby diaries. Let me introduce myself, I’m the predator of your dreams.

The first chapter is one you won’t forget.

I’ve always been able to get what I want, especially when it comes to men. My prom queen photo was published in the local newspaper. This got my pretty little face right in the lap of thousands of men across town, on the paper that is. I knew I would have to be selective in finding the perfect sugar daddy. What rich old man in his right mind wouldn’t want a sexy little eighteen-year-old seductress ready to see the world? The sugar baby diaries were off to a good start when I met Kevin.  Retired at forty-two, ex stockbroker, a huge estate, where do I sign up?

It wasn’t a long search for my first daddy.

Day one of Tinder and we both swiped right, right into the little pocket of my tiny jean shorts. Bingo, it’s a match! There he was. He was rich, handsome, and did I say RICH? How could I tell, you ask? Maybe It might have been his yacht he casually sat on or the several high-profile celebrity snaps while at fancy Galas and social events that tipped me off.  Holy shit, what a score. Sugar baby diaries day one: Join Tinder, post hot pics, match with a billionaire. Check!

I had no idea this would be the first of many sugar baby diaries.

Don’t be silly. He didn’t dump me,  none of them did. Did I become richer and richer with every swipe right? Absolutely! My mother taught me well “Have everything put in your name.” Good advice mommy dearest. Thanks to the lovely woman who raised me, I was at six figures while only halfway through summer. Did I mention my apartment in SoHo? Or my new Tesla? Yeah, having a sugar daddy is great. Having a tight little sweet box downstairs,  huge tits, not to mention the face of an angel, can really make a life. I’m the living proof, but don’t fuck with me.

Kevin had to learn that the hard way in this chapter of the sugar baby diaries.

We had an amazing ride during that first month. Then the talks of marriage, family, yada yada yada, no thanks! I knew I could get him to give me everything while giving him close to nothing, well almost. So that’s exactly what I did. He ate it all right out of my palm, poor thing. So tragic how it all ended. Falling off your yacht far away while at sea isn’t a fun way to go, at least I imagine it isn’t. Sorry, Kevin. It was fun while it lasted, sugar daddy. On to the next chapter of the sugar baby diaries…

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