“Submissive slave boy, have a seat.”

I said, gripping his neck, pushing him down into the chair beneath me. “Live your life as if I’m always looking down at you, and this relationship will always be perfect.” I gripped his collar as he sat up straight in his seat. I pulled his neck while bringing my face closer to his. Looking deep into his eyes, I finally let go. “Speak,” I whispered. “I will do anything to please you, mistress, pleasing you is my one and only job.” He said with a pitiful yet loving gaze. “Oh, what a good boy you are for mistress, my good, submissive slave boy,” I said slowly while watching his erection grow in his little leather shorts.

I sat across from my submissive slave boy.

I lifted my leg and placed my heel an inch from his balls. Then using the toe of my shoe I began pressing into his covered cock. “Submissive slave boy, remove my shoe,” I said while pressing it, now deeper, and into his chest. “Yes, mistress.” He said with excitement. I waved my perfectly manicured toes towards him while he clutched my foot, feeling my soft, glowing, skin. “Lick each toe, one… at …a …time,” I said softly. “Now…all of them,” I exclaimed. He slid all my toes into his pretty mouth, finally sucking and drooling all over them. His eyes were piercing mine while he feasted on my immaculate foot.

“Stand up, my submissive slave boy,” I said with affection.

“Kiss my Neck. Now my face. Now undress me,” I whispered into his ear.
He was undressing me slowly, taking in all there was in sight. Caressing me as he sucked on my nipples and then made his way down my belly to my pussy. He started with my clit. He sucked slowly, and gently before sliding his tongue inside me. My legs quivered as I stood standing there. My submissive slave boy came up, only to grab me and lift me to my bed. He laid me down gently while making sure I was perfectly comfortable. “Rest Mistress, I’ll take care of you.” He said softly and sweetly as he disappeared once again between my thighs.

He stood above me on the bed.

“Remove your shorts, submissive slave boy” I demanded sweetly. He slid them down, finally showing me what I loved about him most, second to his overwhelmingly accommodating demeanor. His beautiful, strong, ten-inch cock made the hairs on the back of my neck stand straight while my legs began to spread wider. He came back down, kissing me gently as I told him to stroke himself into me. He slid in and happiness rushed through my body in a glorious wave. I came over and over again. When he finally had to come, he did so on my breasts.
“Clean it up, boy. I love you.”

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