Panty Boy Love.

I never thought I would say such a thing. What I have learned the last few years is that these boys just don’t quit. Panty boy love is a special kind of love. The kind that keeps on giving…from his end that is. My end gives orders that he obeys, for the most part. A good boy gets a show, and maybe a little rub down there (from himself of course.) Bad boys are locked in the closet, only hearing the fun happening without them.

Chores are priority number one.

A good panty boy completes all tasks while doing so in order. No questions asked. If chores are not completed or worse, questioned, consequences are dealt with. Here’s an example from my most recent Panty boy love.

“Baby, where are all my panties? They should be clean by now.”


“Where are they?”

He walked away and I could see he was wearing them under his pants. When I pulled his pants down, I could see his little clitty hard from excitement. I reminded him that when the big boys come over to fuck me later, he won’t get to watch, and his chores are now doubled. He understood and apologized. I couldn’t be mad too long. I gave him a nice long hug, laying his face on my large tits. Looking down at his little chapstick dick, I gave him a kiss on the cheek and said “ I love you sweet thing. Don’t upset ever me again honey.”

Panty boy love makes my pussy so wet.

Not from them as people, of course. What makes me so wet is knowing how pathetic their love for me is. It makes me wet watching them drool when a big black cock is sliding in my pussy. The look on their faces is priceless. They are so excited to be in the room! Like a pig in shit, they can hardly contain themselves. All they can think about is me squirting that BBC seed into their mouths for a nice cream pie. When they are good and don’t touch the men, I’ll let them sleep with a pair of my panties balled up in their mouth. I can be sweet too…

Panty boy love is real.

I may sound like a bitch, but I do love them in my own special way. They never leave you. Living their lives to attend to your needs, they rarely stray or question your reasoning. In the end, they just want to be a part of the fun in the most minor way possible. They are paying your bills and buying you things, while you get fucked by whoever you want. Unfortunately, I don’t always stick around. I’m still searching for my perfect Panty boy love. Do you have what it takes to keep me around? Give me a call and let me see what you’ve got…

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