I was a middle school student when my parents allowed me to ride the metro (above ground subway) from school. In the morning my parents would drop me off then at noon when school was out I would go home by myself. One day, a cold afternoon, I encounter a stranger exhibitionist that unraveled the most inner dirty thoughts a young teen can have.

I was sitting down, minding my own business. The seats in the metro are facing each other, making it looks like booths. In front of me there was a man, I couldn’t pin point his age but he was at least twenty-five years old. He was wearing a track suit, and had a backpack on his lap. I was wearing my school uniform. Him and I were facing each other, sitting at the far end seats with a window view. When it started to get more crowded, it seems like a lot of more people don’t mind each other. Everyone is lost in their own world.

It was almost my stop and I think he knew because I started to put my phone away, as soon as I started to get up he lifting up his back and underneath it he was jerking his hard cock. He looked at me, straight in the eye and came while I blushed. I felt dirty but at the same time it excited me. I had made a man cum, without taking off my clothes, or doing anything. I arrived home and I was alone.

I laid on my bed thinking about that stranger in the metro. I’d wish I had sat down next to him instead, rubbed at least shoulders. Without realizing it I started to touch my now soaking wet pussy. I couldn’t take my mind off of him cumming. I grabbed whatever was near me because I want it to feel something inside me. I started to slide a hair brush inside my tight little wet pussy. It hurt so good. As I was fucking myself I closed my eyes and imagined him standing over me and cumming on my face and just as I opened my mouth to taste his cum, my cunt started to tighten and I felt I rush of wetness as I came.

Till this day I still remember him and from time to time grab my dildo and fuck my pussy just as I did when I was younger. I always end up cumming to the thought of his creamy load on my tongue.



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