After moving and changing middle schools, I received a lot of attention for being a Latina girl. I would walk down the halls and boys would comment about my Latina ass or how sexy I looked. Then, after all the boys heard that I gave head to a basketball player, they all wanted to fuck my sexy, Latina pussy.

But a couple months into the school year, I didn’t have any female friends. I had been too busy sucking dick to talk to other girls. I decided that I would be a cheerleader as a way to make friends. Plus I knew I would look sexy in the red and white uniform.


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I did well at the cheerleading tryouts. I was already very flexible, and did not care if a little of my skin showed during my flips. I liked showing off my Latina body. The cheerleading captain was Rebecca, and she watched me the whole time. I made sure to look extra sexy and talented for her. After the tryouts were done, I went into the locker room to change. The other girls were self conscious about changing in public, so I had the locker room all to myself. That’s when Rebecca walked in.

“You were pretty good out there Dana. I think you should join our team.” Rebecca said, walking towards me as I played with my blue cheerleader pompoms.

“Wow, thanks Rebecca,” I said.

“The only problem is, you have a reputation for being kind of a slut. A sexy, Latina slut.”
I bit my lip and turned my head. She had heard all about the dick I had sucked. I wasn’t going to make the team for sure.

“It’s ok Dana,” Rebecca said, rubbing my arms. “You can be a slut, but you have to keep it a secret when you’re on the team.”

I nodded my head.

“Now, I’ve heard you’re good with your tongue. Show me. And if you’re as good as they say, I’ll let you on the team.”

My jaw dropped and I looked with disbelief at Rebecca. She kept a firm expression and pushed my shoulders down so I was squatting in front of her. She then pulled up her cheerleader skirt, revealing a young, tight, virgin looking pussy. I then started to munch on her sweet tasting skin, running my tongue on both sides of her vagina. She moaned and held the skirt up while I vibrated my tongue. Her waist convulsed, and she humped my face. I kept my tongue pointed and firm while she rubbed her clit, faster and faster. I pulled up my skirt and started to touch myself. When I looked up I saw Rebecca had lifted up her shirt, showing some beautiful, medium sized boobs.

I tightened my tongue, and gently pressed it inside of Rebecca. She gasped. I could tell she wanted dick, but my tongue would do for now. Maybe we could fuck a basketball player together. Finally, after flapping my tongue for several minutes, she had a loud, wet orgasm on my face. Her pussy dripped a little on my cheek and I rubbed it into my skin.

“Do that for me a couple more times this week and you’ll be on the team.”

“Yes Rebecca,” I said, standing up and wiping my mouth. I was so happy. I would be a Latina cheerleader!

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