My boyfriend had no idea he was being followed the night he left the sluts apartment he was cheating on me with. The smug look on his face made me want to fuck him up right then and there but, I decided to stalk him and follow him like the dog that he is.

I was sitting in my black rental car across from the complex when he strolled out looking disheveled and sneaky. He didn’t know that I was watching from my car. I was wearing all black. Dark shades, tight fitting turtleneck, tight leggins, sneakers, black gloves and my long hair was pulled back into a tight bun.

He thought I was in our apartment fast asleep. Little did he know I had a big surprise waiting for him. As he walked away from his car in the parking garage I slowly followed him over to our front door. He started to look for his keys. “Hey Frank. You’re out pretty late tonight.” He turned around startled and shocked. Before he knew it I punched him dead in his face. He stumbled and looked like he was about to fall back. That’s when I pulled out my taser gun and tased him on his right side. Before he could let out a scream I covered his mouth with my gloved hand. He dropped to the ground. Paralyzed and helpless. I pulled off my shades and drug him into the apartment locking the door behind me. I got down on the floor so that he could see my face and I said, “So you really thought I wouldn’t find out about your little slut?”. My nipples were getting hard seeing him so helpless on the floor like that.

When Frank came to he found both of his arms were tightly tethered to the bed posts. I told him that he shouldn’t have cheated on me with his little cunt co-worker and that when I got done with him he would never want to stick his dick in any other pussy accept for mine. The only thing I had on was a black leather cut out bra exposing my nipples, black leather crotchless panties and a huge 14 inch black strap-on. “I’m gonna fuck you long and hard just like you fucked your little mistress.” I told him. He couldn’t say anything because he had a pair of my stockings tightly tied around his face and mouth. I smacked him a few good times across his pathetic fucking face. I could tell he was confused and scared and that made my pussy wet. Candles were lit in the room. I took the big candle that was on the side of the bed. It was full of oozing hot wax. I poured the wax onto Franks torso spelling out the word “Cheater”. I laughed while he moaned in painful agony. Yanking his balls as tight as I could I smelled his cock and told him that her pussy juice smelled good on him. He got a kick to the balls. I laughed really hard when the tears STARTED to stream down his face. As I squatted down over his mouth he knew what was coming next. “Suck my dick bitch” I said. He shook his head no so I punched him in his nose and made him bleed. I forced my dick into his mouth and fucked his face until he gagged . After I finished fucking his face I slid down to his tight little ass.

His hole was tender and ripe and ready for my nice long cock. I didn’t use any lube because I wanted to rip his tiny asshole apart. At first not even the tip would go in. He cried like a baby. I CONTINUED to rape his ass hole with my cock. Eventually my swollen cock went all the way inside of Frank. I pumped him nice and hard. He slowly became my little bitch and I loved every moment of it. My pussy began to drip onto the sheets as I fucked Frank with all of my strength. I was breaking him with every stroke of my dick. Frank’s cock started to get hard as he lost control of his body and the stroke of my hard pumps made his balls quiver. He didn’t want to cum but my dick in his tight ass just felt too good and he blew a huge load all over his stomach and chest. After he came I pulled my dick out of his boy pussy. Removed the stocking from his mouth and made him suck his shit off of my cock. I showed Frank that the entire time he thought the clock on the nightstand was just taking time I revealed that it was actually a camera. I videotaped the entire thing and backed it up on my hard drive. The humiliation was written all over his face! One click from me and his entire family and friends would know that I raped little Frankie and made him cry like a big BITCH!



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