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I pushed my hips closer to him. His lips met my pussy lips. And he slithered his tongue out of his mouth. He licked my pussy lips.. then parted my lips with his tongue. He then started licking from hole to clit and back again. I was in heaven. All the while, playing his cello without ever missing a note. He sucked on my clit and slurped up my juices. I couldn’t help but cum quickly all over his pale face.

He dropped his bow and from the inside of my purse, my phone began playing Closer by Nine Inch Nails. It was so strange but I couldn’t care less. He ripped my dress top down revealing my perky tits and my hard nipples. He pinched my right nipple and put it in his mouth, sucking like a vampire. I lost all control over my body and let him have his way with me. I didn’t know this man but the music he played seemed to put me in a trance. He took me over to a couch that was covered in a dusty white sheet and put me on my knees.  He grabbed my ass and gave it a good spank.

I squealed in pleasure as he spanked me again and again. My ass turning bright red under his soft hand. His fingernails dug into my flesh and he began to scratch. Ripping lightly into my back I moaned and he licked at my tiny trails of blood he made. He leaned me over so my ass was high in the air and I felt his tongue dance on my tight asshole. His hand that was scratching reached down to my soaked cunt. He shoved two fingers inside of me. I smiled and moaned loudly as he pounded me with his thick fingers.

Gripping onto the arm of the dusty couch, I spread my legs and gave him the hint to fuck me. He took it and got onto his knees. He unfastened his pants bringing out his thick, long, clean-shaven cock. I couldn’t help but turn around and suck it. I melted as soon as his cock entered my mouth, it was so perfect in my mouth that I wanted to suck it for a week straight. Its head was bulbous and the shaft was thick. I wanted to gobble it up! He tossed his long blonde hair to the side and grasped my hair, shoving my face into his pelvis and making me gag on his dick.

He pulled me off and flipped me onto my back, spreading my legs far. He slid his cock into my wet cunt and began to fuck me slowly. I held onto his soft arms and looked down to watch his cock go in and out of me. I came so fast and hard that I squirted all over him, the couch, and his pants. He was delighted to see me cum so quickly. So, he pulled out and pushed into my ass with his hard cock. I was thrilled to know he wanted my ass! He fucked my ass so hard that I squirted again.

He was so into me and I just felt so safe with him and I never wanted him to leave. He began to breathe harder and thrust faster and soon enough he shot a huge load into my ass. I loved feeling his cum inside of my ass but he quickly pulled me up and sucked every single drop of cum out of my ass. I giggled and wriggled a bit. I wanted to take him home. I kissed him long and deep… I wanted this one forever. Why? I didn’t even know his name. He pulled me up off the couch and pointed to my clothes and I smiled and began putting them on. I said to him “..I would like to know your name. And maybe take you home tonight.” He walked over to me and kissed me hard, making me smile like a loon. I turned back around to look for my phone and when I turned back around.. he was gone.

The cello was also gone. I had not heard a single noise though… it’s as if he never existed. Was I going crazy? No. Couldn’t be. What just happened? I honestly may never know. But, I very well could have been fucked by a very sexy ghost. I keep thinking of going back to the club to search for him again.. but.. I am afraid he will not show up. And I may never hear that beautiful music of the night again.

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