I stopped at my neighbors’ house on Christmas Eve to drop off a bottle of wine and some gourmet cheese.  Jack and Tina were hosting a small party and invited me to come in and stay but I had things to do at home so I politely declined their offer and told them I had to get back home.  

“Oh, wait!  We bought a gift for you, Sabrina.” Tina said as I started walking out the front door.  “Jack, can you get Sabrina’s gift from under the tree?  It’s the one with the silver bow.”  

Jack handed me a shoebox sized gift and I thanked them and went on my way.   I had lots of wrapping to do and poured myself some wine and put on some music as I worked.  

At about 11:30 as I was finishing up and starting to think about going to bed, I  heard a soft knock on my front door.  Then my doorbell rang.  I went to the front door and saw that it was Jack, shuffling around nervously on my front porch.

“Hey!” I greeted him warmly but confused.  “What’s the matter, Jack?”

He chuckled and put his hand over his face to demonstrate how embarrassed he was.  He was holding a gift box in his other hand.  “I uh…gave you the wrong gift.”  he said.  “This one is for you, the one I handed you earlier was for Tina.  I got them mixed up.”  

“Oh… well, no problem.  Let me go and get it.” I said.  “Come in.”

“I thought you’d be shocked and appalled when you saw it.  I was expecting you to come back to our house and fling it at me.”  he said, still chuckling nervously.

I picked up the box, still wrapped.  “I hadn’t opened it yet.”  I said.

His face showed massive relief.  “OH! Thank God!  Forget everything I just said.” he started to hand me the other box and held his hand out for the one I had in my hand.

“Wait a second, now…” I said, still holding the mysterious box.  “Now, I’m intrigued.  What’s in this box, Jack?”

“Please… just hand over the box.  Forget what I said, it’s better that you don’t know.”  he said.

I stood there looking at him and my curiosity got the better of me.  I unwrapped the box, ignoring his pleas for me to stop.  I opened the plain white box inside and found a very nice and rather large glass dildo.   I smiled and looked at Jack.

“Very nice choice, Jack.  Did you pick this one out yourself?”  I asked.

“Yes, I did.  Jeez, I can’t believe you actually opened that, Sabrina.  This is humiliating.”  he said, his face was beet red now.

“No… don’t be embarrassed.  As a matter of fact, I’m going to test it out for you and make sure it works well.”  I said, opening my bathrobe.  I was completely naked underneath.  Jack watched silently as I licked the tip of the dildo and slowly inserted it inside me.  I put one leg up on the coffee table.  “For leverage.” I explained to a stunned Jack.

I got busy using the dildo, sliding it inside of me, pushing it deep and twisting it side to side as I pulled it out and pushed it back in.  I held it at an angle and started pushing deeper until it hit my G spot.  I gasped loudly, closed my eyes and threw my head back, biting my lip as the wonderfully smooth glass dildo worked its magic on my G spot.  Within minutes, I squirted all over the toy and the squirt juice ran down my inner thighs as I plunged the toy inside me a few more times as my orgasm subsided.

I took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, catching my breath as I pulled the dildo out of me and put it back in its box.  “That’s an excellent dildo, Jack. Great choice.  She’ll love it.”  

Without a word, he left quickly with the pussy soaked dildo.   I wasn’t sure if he was angry or excited about what I had done to his wife’s toy.  I opened the gift they gave me and saw that they gave me a hot fudge sundae kit.   A novelty gift, I thought as I chuckled.   But a sweet thought, nonetheless, pun intended.   

Maybe I could get Jack to come back and I’ll make a human sundae out of him.  But that’s a story for another time…

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