The Naughty Auntie Babysits Part 2

While babysitting my 15-year-old nephew Tommy and 13-year-old niece Sandy I soon realized that this brother and sister duo were a couple of sexual deviants much like their Auntie. Not long after my sister and brother-in-law dropped them off my bra was off and they were both eagerly sucking my tits. So I said, “Come on….let’s all go upstairs and take this to the bedroom. Tommy’s cock bulged in his pants. He kissed me hard and said, “Oh Auntie, I’ve been wanting to fuck you for a long time.” Sandy echoed, “Me too, Auntie, you are so sexy.”

We each stripped off our clothes on the way upstairs leaving a trail of denim, nylons, panties, bras, and t-shirts are carelessly thrown across the floor and banister, and hallway all the way up to our den of sin. By the time we reached my bedroom were all completely naked and totally sexually aroused by watching each other show off our sexy body parts. I noticed how perky Sandy’s bouncy little tits were. Her nipples were so luscious and I couldn’t wait to suck them.

And Tommy’s cock was a good and long and hard I wanted to ride it. We all crawled on the bed like hungry animals and like children playing with each other’s sexy body parts. I also noticed that Tommy and Sandy were very familiar with each other’s bodies. Tommy grabbed Sandy’s tits as he owned them and she sighed as though she loved it. Sandy grabbed Tommy’s balls and started fingering them. I was so turned on. I grabbed Sandy’s sweet little ass and spread her legs and set her dripping wet pussy right on my face. And her sticky juice was so sweet.

Tommy’s cock was hard as a rock watching me eat her out. He finger fucked me as Sandy stroked his cock. Then he just drove that fat cock deep inside my pussy. He fucked me like he had been waiting all his life to fuck me. He pounded my pussy up and down while he tongue kissed his sister who was still sitting on my face.

We sucked and fucked each other in every way possible and in every room of the house. When my sister and brother-in-law returned to pick them up they asked Tommy and Sandy if they had a good time with Aunt Genie. They both nodded yes and said, “Oh yes, mommy, we want to come back to Aunt Genie’s house again and again and again.

The Naughty Auntie Babysits Part 2

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