So I’ve been dating this guy and he told me something. He said he’d had a few experiences with other guys, and was I ok with that, would I maybe even consider doing a threesome with him and another guy, since once in a while he liked to play with guys as well. I was a bit surprised, but I’d always been curious to try a threesome with two guys. I’d seen some gay porn before and quite honestly had been quite aroused by it.


He asked this guy he played with sometimes if he’d like to join us. He jumped right on board. He came over one night for dinner and we all had some to drink. They started kissing on the sofa sitting next to each other and I knelt on the floor between them and started giving them blow jobs. I’d pull one cock out of my mouth, and slide in the other, alternating like that. God I felt like a whore, but I loved it. I asked them to stand up and they did, I took one cock in each hand and started to rub their dicks together. Their pre cum was smearing all over one another’s cocks, it made me so wet.

I took my clothes off and got on all fours on the floor, my boyfriend started fucking me from behind and his friend got underneath me and started to lick my clit as I was getting fucked. Every few thrusts he’d lick the shaft of my boyfriend’s cock as it pumped back and forth out of my pussy and lick of my juices. He teased my clit so good, my boyfriend fucked me so hard. I don’t think I’ve ever been so turned on before. We moved to the bed and my boyfriend and I started sucking his friends cock and balls together. I sucked on his balls as my boyfriend took his 8 inch cock into his mouth and drooled all over it. He laid back and I straddled him and felt his huge cock open me up wide. I leaned over his chest and felt my boyfriend start to push his way into my ass and I could feel the two of them moving inside of me at the same time.

We moved together, rocking as one, as I felt his friend go off in my cunt and seconds later my boyfriend in my ass. What a cum filled little slut I felt like, and I loved every single minute of it. It was very hot and sexy and I can wait to do it again very soon. I’ve masturbated oh so many times thinking about it and reliving it in my mind. Wakened up wet after dreaming about it. It was hot for them as well, as they both shared with me several times afterwards, maybe again this weekend, who knows! I want those cocks filling me up again, making me cum over and over until it drips down my thighs and their cum mingles inside of me.

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