The Joy Of Oral Sex: He will become obsessed with my mouth

The Joy Of Oral Sex: Have you ever just had that one blow job that not only blew your cock but blew your mind? Oral sex has always been my one pleasure that keeps them coming back for more. Sure, I am a hell of a fuck, but my lip skills will make you edge to an explosion. I’m not one who does it out of requirement. I love the control I have over a man during the sensual act of cock sucking. From the flick of my tongue to the suck of my lips, he will become addicted to me.
I met this man recently who had never had a blow job. His girlfriends all refused. They claimed it was “Yucky” to put a dick in their mouth. Younger girls often say that, but then again, some don’t. I learned at a tender age that my mouth could own a man. Now that I am a Slutty Cougar I have mastered the art of cocksucking. Not even my own brother’s cock scared me away. In fact, he was my first, but that’s another story.

The Joy Of Oral Sex: I will give him what his own girlfriend won’t.

Jason, or so he said his name was, came to me shaking, his hands stuffed down in his pockets.  I knew what he wanted, but I forced him to say it. If a man can not say it, he will never deserve it. Confidence is 70 percent of the act. The other 30 you can fake.
“Suck my dick! I need some oral sex.”
There are so many ways to do this for a man. One of my favorites on my back, my head hanging off the bed, and my throat fucked. This gives the man access to go deeper, and to put his hand around my throat. Aggression in a man is a turn on, but most don’t realize that’s what a woman wants. I will give him what his own girlfriend won’t. Sexual pleasure!

Yanking his pants down, I anticipated something small…

…but I now knew the real reason no one would suck him off. He was huge. Even semi-flaccid this man was over 10 inches. I hesitated for a moment, but we all know I am a girl who loves to choke on a huge cock. I had to take a moment to enjoy the beauty of his thick meat. Visually the shaft thick and long, it was the veins that drew me in. They seemed to pulsate the longer I looked.
The thick mushroom head was already dripped precum. Dropping to my knees, looking up at his cock, I took my first taste at the head. Sweet, yet salty, he almost lost it the moment my warm tongue made contact. Grabbing the back of my hair, he tried to force me to take him into my mouth. Obviously, he doesn’t know good oral sex when he’s getting it. Savor it and let the woman be in charge. A good blow job whore always does one thing the others don’t. She makes sure not to forget your balls.

The Joy Of Oral Sex and Sucking Balls.

Wrapping my hand around the shaft, stroking his dick, my mouth made sure to devour that sac. One testicle in, pop. The other in, pop. I let them slide from my lips with a wet popping sound each time. You have to jiggle the candy before you devour it. Slathering my tongue till the skin tightens, his moans let me know to take the dick. I take pride in being a dirty cock sucker with no limits.
Once I make him beg, we need to decide on where he’s going to cum. In my mouth, on my face, or all over my luscious tits. Do I even let him cum, or make him stroke it out alone? I crave cum in my mouth, so he busts that huge creamy load in my mouth. Come down here baby give me a kiss. I love snowballin’.

“No baby, eating your own cum does not make you gay.”

I tell the best lies when I’m down on my knees and know I am getting paid for it. A girl who says she won’t give oral sex for cash is one who is lying. We all do it, but some of us are just a little more open about it than others. The first nut in a girl’s mouth will make you crave more.
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