Slutty Cougar: After all, they are there for my pleasure.

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Ever since school got back in session after the Christmas break I have had so much action with the high school football players.  For one thing, their hard, toned bodies are always ready for a hot fuck.  Likewise, this Slutty Cougar is always ready to get down and dirty. A few of them are using the high school weight room to train. I came by to visit and found myself sandwiched in the locker room between two of them. I love to have all my holes filled up and stretched out by those young hard cocks. One in my throat, one in my pussy and one in my hot tight ass. Milf Sex Stories like this one are the very best.

Just as we were all about to finish, the coach walked in on us.  In short, he was not pleased. Funny thing is, he blew his whistle and broke up the party.  Thus, I was not happy.  So then he walked over to me and whispered in my ear. “My office, now!”

Slutty Cougar: Shocked and aroused. I knelt down in front of him

I do not take orders! Who the hell does he think he is?  By the way, my husband doesn’t even talk to me like that. But I will admit, the way he was ordering me around made my pussy wet. I pulled down my skirt and sat down in his office.  Next, he closed the door and locked it.

Shocked and aroused. I knelt down in front of him. He unzipped his khaki shorts and pulled out his hard big cock. Saying nothing to me as he rammed it in my mouth.  Soon, he grabbed a handful of my hair and twisted it around his hand while he assaulted my mouth.

“You’re a dirty whore, Ramona. I know all about you.” He growled. He pulled me up from the floor by my hair and yanked me over to his desk. I love being fucked over a desk. He quickly found my hole and finally pushed himself inside my dripping wet pussy.

“Take that dick, slut. Take it. You’ve been playing with boys. It is time you had a man show you the ropes, bitch.” He held me down as he had his way with me. As much I love being in charge, nevertheless, I loved him taking over. He kept me there for at least an hour.  After all, he had total control of me and I wanted more.

After I left, my poor cunt was sore and my body bruised. But fuck! That was amazing! We have to do that again!

The next time after I’ve blown him,  I hope he lets me blow his whistle!

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