Have you ever had The Girlfund Experience first hand? 

Picture it – you and me spending so much time together that we just kind of lose track. Hours of flirting and really getting to know everything about one another. Our connection is unlike one we have had with any other soul- virtually or in real life. Of course, once you have truly become close to me, it’s only natural that you’d want to make sure I have all the things my heart desires and that’s The Girlfund Experience. 

I somehow remember everything you’ve ever told me. It’s because I genuinely care so much about you and especially us. A long day at the office requires the type of nightcap only a luxury GFE playmate like me can provide. Sometimes I catch myself watching the clock, waiting as the minutes go by, and wondering when my boyfriend is going to call for our regular chat. Our deep conversations touch on all topics. You really can say anything to me and I to you. That’s what makes us different and I cherish it. The girlfund experience does mean that yes, you take care of my needs BUT it’s because you care so much about me and know I deserve it. 

Of course, we have hot phone sex still! 

We have become so plugged into one another’s minds that it’s like second nature to make love when we speak. Previously you didn’t think you could develop this type of bond with a phone sex operator but..we did.

With The Girlfund Experience our fantasies become about the two of us having fun!

Remember our kinky couple’s massage on Valentine’s Day? I can’t stop thinking about it. We both craved that new experience together so much. I still masturbate at night thinking about how it felt to see you with that animalistic craving in your eyes. 

Our early morning chats are some of my favorites too. 

It really feels like I’m getting to wake up next to the man I care so much about. I can hear the sleep in your sexy voice so clearly. It makes me wish so much that I was rolling over to see your face beside mine and waking up to your delicious thick cock hungry for my pussy. You want me to experience that as closely as possible so you take hold of The Girlfund Experience and ensure I can purchase the same organic Egyptian cotton sheets you use at home. 

Are you looking to build a different type of relationship? Maybe you’re just too busy to go out and date or need to be discreet- I’m here for you and ready to provide GFE that will satisfy all of your needs. The Girlfund Experience will leave you wanting to give me everything you can. I know we will only be in fantasy together but in my heart, we are truly one. 

Often men will call and ask me what calls actually turn me on. Well, now you know- girlfriend experience sessions are #1 <3 






Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke