I’m the kind of girl that likes to flaunt it. I’m proud of my body and work hard to be in great shape and want all to see it. Because I’m such an exhibitionist, I don’t mind leaving my windows wide open when I change or can easily strip down at the mall in public to try on something instead of going to the dressings rooms to change. Sure, this has gotten me in trouble in the past, but it’s also gotten me laid many times. It’s a great way to attract a guy, so I’m always trying to find new ways to show off my hot bod.
One day, I saw a moving truck next door and realized that I was going to get new neighbors. Of course I was curious to see who was moving in next door and was pleasantly surprised to see that it was a hot young dude with rock-hard abs and the cutest face I’ve ever seen. My excitement quickly changed to disappointment when I saw that he had a girl with him. But that excitement returned when I saw that their bedroom was facing mine so I’d at least maybe catch a glimpse of them fucking which I’d be able to use for my own masturbation habits.

I never thought anything of it until one day realized that she was a nurse and always gone at night. I’d peek over the yard and into their window and always see him going to bed alone. This is when I devised a plan to show him what he’s missing by leaving the window wide open whenever I was changing or getting out of the shower, hoping he’d catch a glimpse of my nakedness.
After several tries, I finally caught him trying not to look and that’s when I decided to take it up a notch. I pretended I didn’t see him and started to touch myself to see what he’d do. He actually just starred and didn’t do much and when I was finished, saw him turn off the lights and go to bed.
Because I wanted him to do the same, I decided to try and get his attention again the next night, so at the same time, I again went to the window completely naked and had my favorite dildo in hand. I guess he was thinking the same thing, too, because he was again peeking out the window, hoping for an encore of the night before.
This time I was ready for him and made sure to go to town with my rabbit in full view of him. I first played with my clit a bit to get my natural juices flowing and then licked my fingers before I placed my fingers in my vagina, making way for the hot pink dildo that would follow. As I was getting off on my trusty rabbit, I grabbed my breasts and would lift them to my mouth to kiss and suck on to heighten the show.
During my performance, I glanced over and was excited to see that his hands were down his pants and he was jerking himself. That’s when I decided to let him know I was watching him as he was watching me and winked at him. He smiled and started to jerk off harder, which made me do the same. After a few moments I heard him moan and figured he came. My job was done so I made myself climax too and then shouted over to him that we should make it weekly thing. He shouted back sure and we’ve been teasing each other for a while now!

Juicy Lil Gisele

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