My mother-in-law is an overbearing bitch and I was very pissed off that I let my husband talk me into visiting her over the holidays last year.  That was two weeks of hell for me! It is no secret that she thinks I am not good enough for her son and all of that typical bullshit.  I spent as much time away from her house as I could, shopping or sightseeing.

She lives in a small community and the main street of that town has very nice shops.  I decided to spend an afternoon window shopping.  My mother in law asked me to visit the organic butcher shop and pick up a pound of veal for that night’s dinner.  Yeah, whatever bitch, I thought as I walked out the front door.  Piss on your veal.

I had a glass of wine, then another, then another at the local art gallery and suddenly realized it was almost 4 o’clock.  Shit!  I almost forgot about the fucking veal.  I downed the last drops of my wine (never am I wasteful) and dashed down the street, looking for the butcher shop.  I finally asked for directions and when I finally arrived, the butcher was at the door, turning the sign over from “yes, we’re open!” to “sorry, we’re closed!”

“NOOOOOOO!” I wailed, pressing my hands against the glass door.  

The butcher, looking alarmed, opened the door.  “Senorina? Is something wrong?”  

Oh fuck, he’s Italian, I thought.  Despite my dismay, his accent made my pussy stir a little.  He had dark, wavy hair and dark brown eyes.  He had olive skin and I noticed, glancing at his rolled up sleeves that he also had a nice set of muscular forearms.  

“Please! I need a pound of ground veal.  Please! I couldn’t find you and I was running the wrong way and my mother in law is a bitch and she will make my life even more miserable if I don’t bring back the veal and…” I was rambling and he laughed and cut me off with a pat on the shoulder.  

“It’s-a no problem.” He said soothingly.  “Of course I will get you the veal. Come, please.”  he gestured me inside and as he got the meat for me, we made small talk.  He knew my mother-in-law and it was obvious he wasn’t too fond of her.  He made the circular motion with his finger next to his head which indicated he thought she was crazy.  We laughed and mocked her together, much to my enjoyment.  

“So your husband… her son… he’s the, uh… older man, yes?”  he asked a bit hesitantly.  

“Yeah, that’s Ed.  Do you know my husband?”  I asked.

“No… I have seen him.  I have never met.”  he handed me the meat, nicely wrapped in butcher paper.  

“Oh thanks.  How much?” I started reaching into my bag.  

He put his hand on mine and shook his head.  “No charge.  On the house.  For your suffering with that wretched woman.”  

I laughed but shook my head.  “No, I have to pay you.” I looked into his big brown eyes and my pussy was absolutely quivering now.  The shop was dark and quiet.  “Let me pay you…uh, what’s your name?”

“Alberto.” He said, leaning close to me.  “Why is a beautiful woman in her prime married to such an old man?” he asked softly as he put his hands on my face.  He kissed me and I instantly moved my hand to his crotch.  Just as I was hoping it was hard and it was big! He moaned in surprise as I expertly stroked his cock over his pants.  

He put both hands on my ass and squeezed, pressing his cock against me.  He then unleashed it, and as he stroked it, he began talking to me in Italian.  I don’t know what the fuck he was saying but it sounded sexy as hell and I quickly pulled my panties off and lifted my skirt.  He grabbed my hips and turned me over, leaning me against the meat counter.  He placed his hands on my ass and I felt his cock make its way into my wet pussy.  He continued to speak to me in Italian as he gave me his big meat stick, thrusting it hard and fast as his hands gripped my hips.  His dick was really hitting the spot and I bounced my ass up and down for him, grinding my clit against his shaft and pressing my tight walls around his thickness.  He pulled my hips against him and pushed hard against me, yelling out in Italian as he finally flooded me with his seed.   After a minute of catching our breath, he picked up my hand and kissed me very gently on the inside of my wrist.  What a romantic and sweet ending to a wild fuck.  

Oh, and the veal… the most tender I’ve ever tasted.  I guess he pounds his meat as good as he pounds the pussy!  

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