The Best Sex Positions can be the old tried and true, But, if you’re in the market for some that you’ve NEVER even heard of… I’m your ticket to salvation!  Moreover, I KNOW you THINK you’ve been there, done that, tried it all, but you really HAVEN’T.  Cum along with me and you’ll SEE you’ve only scratched the SIR*fice of my nasty.

However, I remember watching a video on several Celebrity Sex Stories, and thinking, ‘HEY! They’re doing that ALL WRONG!’ But, YOU get to have it straight from the source! I was fucking with my sweetie the other day and he turned things all around by flipping me backward off the bed! Me head pointed toward the floor and he “helicoptered me!”  I know!  WTF?  Helicopter?  But, damn it was hot!

I anchored myself with my palms flat on the floor and just spun with it.  I NEVER CAME SO HARD in my LIFE!  Apparently, he’d been reading MORE than the fucking Kamasutra!  He’d gone on to something other-worldly and it worked for us.  And my pussy is still thankful!

Furthermore, that constant “kink” in my lower back that I’d suffered from my entire ballet career seems to have left me! Can I get an “Amen” on that?!?  Our GREAT sex-life is even hotter now.  I just LOVE a man who’s not afraid to try some new shit!

Want to talk about all the different Anal Phonesex positions too?  We can try a few of them out while you LISTEN!  I’ve got butt-plugs and dildos to go along with my FUCK MACHINE! Giggle.  Phonesex with me has never been so creative.  Just suggest something and listen to me go!  And don’t forget to VOTE for the hottest NO TABOO PHONESEX TEAM (Password TDD)! I’m a DIRTY LITTLE DOLL!