My Celebrity Sex Stories get wilder by the day.  And my weekend “getaway” was no exception.  I checked into the Concierge Room at the Warner Center Marriott, near Magic Mountain and it was already late.   So, I showered, brushed my teeth and slipped between the sheets.

Sleep came easily, but for some reason, I kept feeling something in the bed with me.  Of course, I chalked it up to my exhaustion and my need to get away from things for a while and drifted to sleep.  Suddenly, I saw the sheets move, like a wave up my thigh.  As a matter of fact, that wave had a tongue!

Moreover, it was really all I could do to throw the sheets back when I saw him. A man no bigger than my thumb! I know it’s Magic Mountain, but damn!  So, this little guy, who was licking all over my kitty as he hung from my clit like a mountain-climber, pushed himself deep inside me!  He dove right in like a fucking human dildo!  And my sweet-little-juice-box was HAPPY to join in the fun!

He body-fucked me until I squirt him right out of my pussy!  And not only did he land well, but he also began to grow! Right before my eyes, he stretched and expanded until he stood over 6-feet tall with a BEAUTIFUL package. Now, I knew him!  He was the Magic Man! Id’ seen his shows.

Before I woke, he had vanished.  He was the best sex of my life, and I just couldn’t  let him go!  So, now I’m checking in-and-out of hotels every weekend! I know he’s Mr. Big, but, he’s also my new fetish phone sex DREAM!

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