Crazy sex stories always have a beginning and it’s USUALLY based in TRUTH!  So, my Aunt Mardi is my favorite person in the world.   We have a special bond.   Therefore, my parents let me spend 2-weeks at her house in Lyon. I got there early, letting myself in.

“Aunt Mardi” I called. No answer.  Then, I heard a noise coming from her bedroom. Moreover, the closer I got, the sounds increased.

“Fuck me, Ted!  Slam your big cock into my pussy!”.  In fact, I couldn’t believe my ears.   Indeed, I had never heard Aunt Mardi talk like that! The more she moaned, the wetter I got. But, by the time I got there, she was having an orgasm. “I’m cumming, Ted!  Shoot that load into my juice-box.”

Peeping in, I could see she had her headset on & was stuffing a huge dildo in and out of her pussy faster than I’d ever done.  I watched as she screamed out Ted’s name,  and squirted all over her bed.  But, I started dripping!

“I can’t wait for your cum. Don’t forget to call me tomorrow.”

When she rolled over she must have caught a glimpse of me behind her door. “Josette?, is that YOU?”
Caught, I stepped forward, nodding my head, juices running down both legs.  I heard her phone vibrate on the bed. She put on her headset & crooked her finger at me.

“Hi, this is Mardi!  Well, Hi, Bonez, I’m naked on my bed. Wanna join me For some crazy sex stories?”
When I moved closer, she dropped her hand down to her pussy & I dove in!  In fact, good grades were the reason I was even THERE! 🍾

Detailed Sex Stories are My THING!


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Crazy Sex Stories