I don’t go to fetish clubs very often. Actually, I’d never gone to one at all – which is why my friends were insisting on taking me to one. Making me dress up in all latex and have some fun.. but not as a sub – I’m too assertive (and sometimes crazy) to give in to a stranger. So, they strong-armed me into going as a Mistress looking for a new plaything. They mentioned how there’d be some kind of sub auction at the start of the night for people who were a little more adventurous and wanted to try things out..It started out normal. Dressing up in latex and leather, the usual line, getting accustomed to the type of people in the club.. By the time we got in, the auction was already going on. People weren’t bidding actual money, just laying claim to the sub they wanted to try, and the sub had the last say. When I finally picked one I liked – a cute blonde guy, I would have been head over heels flirting with him in any other situation. But tonight, I got to be a sadistic little bitch. Apparently, he didn’t have a problem with it, so he accepted.
We went into one of the back rooms to play immediately after. I had no idea what I was doing in that kind of club – did they just let you have sex in the back? Were there limits? I guess I wouldn’t try anything too outlandish. Maybe it’d work out just fine.
With the sub, whose real name was Eric (not that it mattered), I let my mean streak run free. It started off by tying his hands up, taking advantage of some leather bracelets he’d worn as an accessory and intertwining some rope into them. The harder to get out of, the merrier.
But I’m guessing he hadn’t expected me to bring a strap-on with me, from how happily he’d accepted my bid. The cutie was in for one hell of a night..
After we got acquainted a little more I started playing with him.. teasing him, letting him feel whenever I’d press the head of the dildo towards his ass a little, almost getting it in. Just enough pressure to make him nervous.
It wasn’t long before I was teasing him a little more, letting him feel my breath on his neck.. my hands squeezing his cock a little, nails brushing up dangerously against him.. And finally, I let the strapon get nice and lubed up, and slid it right into my new little sub’s ass. Hearing the little weak moan at the beginning made it all worth it. How hard was I going to fuck him that night? I don’t have a nice bone in my body. 😉

Simply the best teasing roleplay of your life..
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