Let me tell you about the time I was an escort for a half an hour. I had to go to an out of town seminar for work one weekend and decided I’d fly to the hotel right after work.  It was almost midnight when I arrived.  I had the front desk send my suitcases upstairs and headed to the bar for one quick nightcap before going to bed.  

A half hour and three nightcaps later, I headed upstairs to find my room.  I glanced at the keycard.  Room 301, it told me.  I staggered into the elevator and headed up.

When I found my room, I fumbled with the keycard a little and stumbled into the door as I was leaning over to find the key slot.  I knocked my forehead into the door as I bent over to pick up the card.  “Shit!” I hissed as I picked up the key.  To my amazement, the door flew open and a half naked, fifty-something man opened the door.  He looked me over and looked delighted by what he saw.   I was wearing business attire, but it was sexy nonetheless.  Tight cream colored skirt and a pink satin blouse hugged my lovely curves.  

“You’re a bit early, sweetie, but that’s okay.  I am really in the mood to do this.”  He said.  He stepped aside and held the door open for me.  I was getting ready to tell him he was in the wrong room but wasn’t too drunk to realize how stupid that was.  As I was trying to formulate the words I wanted to say, he said, “Help yourself to the mini bar…”

I smiled and patted his shoulder.  “Don’t mind if I do.”  I walked in and looked around the room.  Typical business man traveling, I observed.  Laptop, briefcase, papers scattered everywhere.  

“I’m Kyle.” he said awkwardly holding out his hand.  I took it and shook it a few times.  

“I’m Sabrina.” I slurred.

“Oh… “ he said, looking slightly confused.  “I thought they were sending over someone named Nadine.”

“Huh?”  was my brilliant and lucid response.  

“It’s okay, it doesn’t matter.  You’re just fine.  Much more lovely than I expected.”  He smiled as he looked me up and down.  I was beginning to understand now.  And once I did, it amused me that it had taken this long.  

“So… the cash is on the table over there.” He pointed towards the table with his chin.  Out of curiosity, I walked over and picked up the pile of cash.  

“Five hundred!” I said, surprised.

“Is it enough?” he asked quickly.  I smiled and turned towards him.

“For a half hour.  Yes, it’s enough.” I meant it as a joke.  For some strange reason, in my inebriated state, I assumed he was in on my antics.  “What can you accomplish in a half hour, Kyle?” I said, laughing.  

He glanced at his watch and took off his boxers and his socks, which was all he had on.  He stood in front of me and asked, rather politely, “Would you please remove your blouse and bra?”  

I felt very accommodating towards this nice man.  “Sure!” I said cheerily and took them off.  I playfully swung each item of clothing around above my head before I launched them onto his bed.  

“Just sit there, on the bed, please.”  He took my arm and led me to the edge of the bed where I sat, topless and blurry eyed.  

I watched him pulling his cock, getting it hard and then really massaging it, turning it and twisting it, alternating between short hard strokes to long slow ones.  I stared at his hand as he worked his cock over and then noticed he was staring at my tits.  

I glanced down at them and held them in my hands.  “You like these?” I asked, pushing them together.  I heard him moan and he started pulling his dick even harder.  “I thought about getting a boob job years ago but I’m glad I didn’t.  Look how nicely they bounce.”  I started to bounce up and down on the edge of the bed, watching my tits bouncing the way only natural tits can.  I stopped when the room started to spin.  “Oh, fuck…” I whispered, trying to steady myself.  

“Oh, fuck!” he said, breathing hard, almost panting.  

I took a deep breath and lay down on the bed.  I pulled my knees up to my chest, making myself into a little ball.  I realized he could now see my panties, but I didn’t care.  I didn’t want to get sick.  I lay there with my eyes closed, holding my knees against my chest.

He moaned and said something about my perfect ass and asked if he could smell my panties.  “Knock yourself out!” I mumbled.  He got on his knees and put his face right in my crotch and I felt and heard him inhaling deeply.  His nose was pressed against my clit as he sniffed and inhaled my crotch and my ass over and over.  The thought crossed my mind that I must smell a bit ripe, after having worn these panties since morning.   He didn’t seem to mind.  I heard him moaning and inhaling my smell and his hand was really yanking his tool hard.  He rubbed his face in my panties a few times and then he stood up quickly, aimed his dick at my crotch and unleashed his jizz all over my panties.  

We stared at each other as he stood, holding his dick in his hand as he tried to catch his breath.  I watched as his cock grew limp and then I sat up, feeling much better.  

“I doubt I can get hard again within the half hour.” he said, sounding apologetic.  I shrugged my shoulders and stood up.  I took my panties off and handed them to him.  

“Keep these.  Souvenier.” I chuckled.  His eyes lit up and he thanked me.

I groped around in my bag and found my key card.  I squinted at the number.  My bad.  Room 801, not 301.  Well that explained it.  I really needed to get to bed now.  “Nice meeting ya.” I said, amicably as I headed toward the door.  

“Your money!” he said.  “Don’t forget your money.”  He started to walk toward the pile.  

“Uh… you better hold on to it.  I think Nadine is going to probably be coming around soon.”  I headed out the door, leaving him with a very confused look on his face.

I bet you thought I’d take that money, didn’t you?  Hey, I’m a slut but I’m an honest slut!

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