You know that face you make when you pull out your cock and I laugh? Thats my fetish.

You know I always love to make fun of tiny cocks.  Thats my fetish, you know. It’s so much fun to tell you how small and pathetic your dick is. It’s only fair, seeing how disappointing it is to see such a small dick. We all know it’s not college girl porn you are watching, it’s all the small penis humiliation porn.  Both you and I know all about how I don’t even consider fucking small cocks. I mean just look at you…Do you remember the first time I saw it?

First you took your cock out and to my surprise it was so small! I actually had to take a moment to make sure you even had a cock at all. If anything, you were barely over an inch, and that’s me being generous. You looked so fucking pathetic when you asked me what I thought.

You could practically see the embarrassment in your eyes when I busted out laughing.

That’s right, you should be embarrassed about how fucking small your dick is. I wouldn’t even be able to jerk your cock because it’s so fucking small. I bet it makes you feel like such a little bitch. You know a real man doesn’t have a small dick at all. I wouldn’t even begin to imagine fucking that tiny dick of yours. Haha! Look at your face…now thats my fetish. I love that pained look on your face. It gets me so wet.

Now, show me how you jerk your small cock, if you even can. You can only use two fingers to stroke your own cock? That’s so fucking pathetic, you should feel absolutely humiliated. Oh it looks like you might actually enjoy it when I say that. Well it’s probably the only attention a woman would even get you with that pathetic thing. Look at that fucking enlarged clit. It really doesn’t help that your balls are tiny as well. You look so desperate right now just trying to stroke that freakishly small dick of yours. Oh my god! It really does turn you on when I make fun of your tiny dick; I can see it written all over your face.

Do you need me to laugh at you more?  Let’s have phone sex so I can tell you exactly what I think of that “cock” of yours.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke

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