Do you have a diaper fetish? I bet no one even knows about it.

Do you keep your diaper fetish a secret? Well with me, you don’t have to. You don’t have to worry. Your secret is safe with your babysitter.  Just come over here and lay down. Why aren’t you wearing your diaper? You know you always wear your diaper when Olivia comes over. Luckily, I brought extras with me. So don’t you worry at all. I just want you to spread your legs wide for me. I even brought the baby powder so you don’t get a rash down there.  And we wouldn’t want that.

Now, keep your legs spread so I can clip this diaper on. Then I put your legs down and get a good look. It looks perfect on you. You were made to be in diapers. Boys like you don’t need to use the potty. You will just have to soil yourself in your diapers. Don’t look at me like that, you love this. Here, I brought you a pacifier so you can relax. Then,  I grab my phone out and start taking photos of you in your diaper and pacifier. These are just in case you misbehave tonight. I giggle to myself. Don’t worry I know you won’t! Either you will be a good boy for me, or I may have to show someone these.

Did you make a mess in your Pampers already!?

I grab the back of your diapers and you get goosebumps when you hear it crinkle. So, should I leave you in your mess or change you right away? I think I’m going to let you sit in them for a few hours. Oh my god! Calm down! I can see your boner trying to poke out in your diapers. You are such a naughty boy, aren’t you! Well if you behave tonight, I will help you with your hard on after we put a clean diaper on you. So, I hope you’re on your best behavior!

Are you going to be a good boy and behave so we can have more fun? Call me so we can have live phone sex!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke

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