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I know you are curious now. I have so many family sex stories I could share with you, but one recent memory has been getting me so hot and horny. Playtime with Daddy is always so much fun.  But sometimes you need some special Mommy-Daughter time.

Mommy knows how I have been trying to impress all the boys at school. She even found all the kinky sex stories I wrote about being a school slut. And of course, she wants to help me. What better way to get the boy’s attention than inviting the neighbor boy over from school. Mommy says after we show him how good I am, every boy at school will be smitten.

She invited Eric, the neighbor boy over to our house. She wore one of her sexy outfits. Mommy had on black thigh-high stockings, with a black lacey corset. When she answered the door wearing that, Eric got a hard-on immediately.

She lead him into the house and I was there waiting on my knees.

Mommy had Eric undress completely and stand right in front of me. Mommy has been teaching me lots of new tricks and things to do, so I knew exactly what to do to please Eric. I opened my mouth wide as Mommy guided his cock inside my mouth. It was a good size cock and it filled my mouth up.

I started sucking on it just like Mommy taught me. Then I carefully licked up and down the shaft, making sure to pay special attention to the head of his cock. I could feel him start to squirm and when I looked up at my Mommy, she had a smirk on her face. Then she pulled him in closer, and he started cumming down my throat.

I loved making Eric feel so good. And the taste of his cum made me soaking wet. I knew Mommy was so proud that I have taken all her advice, and that I was able to make him cum so fast. She knew I would want to play with Eric again soon. And that I would have a whole new set of guy friends, just waiting to come over.

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