Thanksgiving Sex Party!

    This week had me reminiscing about quite a few turkeys back when coming to my hometown for the holidays meant FUN. Breaks from college coming home always equaled “Going for a walk with the friends.” It wasn’t a lie, but it certainly wasn’t the entire truth. Sure, I walked.  Shortly after, we ripped bongs and did more than sip on the last hunch punch of the year cupped straight from the Yeti of bad decisions. It was reckless, dirty, and amazing. My last year in college, however, brought along a little more entertainment when I came home. The setup was the same, but an idea was brought up as a joke. “Let’s just…all fuck.” We laughed, sighed, said “Fuck off Brian” and then, quiet. We sat with the idea, and with the first broken seal of Everclear, a conversation developed. So this is the story of my Thanksgiving Sex Party.

Typically The Real Blowout is Dedicated to Blackout Wednesday.

  The day before the day of gluttony, Americans like to be gluttonous with substances for the perfect night of debauchery. The concept is simple. You go out with your friends, get tanked, and wake up to the smell of people with more responsibilities than you, cooking up a storm. And so we did just that! But as stated above, an idea was born. To get sauced late into the evening so by midnight a Thanksgiving Sex Party would commence. Believe it or not, I was the shy one of the group. It’s hard to believe now, considering my lewd remarks and mouth like a sailor. I to this day, believe this night, obliterated my shyness and opened me up like a goddamn can of cheap cranberry sauce. I ran to the candle-lit Gazebo, ripped off my clothes and said…

“Let’s Have a Goddamn Thanksgiving Sex Party!”

  My college cuffing season sex days were over! I was born again, and not in some religious way. In a way that opened my eyes and threw all my inhibitions out the window. Of course, I’m sure the hunch punch contributed, a bit. Is there any better way to be a newly liberated adult? My nude stint was appreciated and followed. Everyone began to run to the lake, naked, as they should. We were all hot, drunk, and horny as fuck. Before you knew it, some were fucking in the water, some by nearby trees, and me, well. I was back at the Gazebo, packed with more hands and dicks than the fucking Mayflower. There was no orifice left behind. And so a tradition was born.

A Thanksgiving Sex Party Every Year!

  And so we did! We partied, we fucked, and we snuck back into our homes with a few hours to spare. Showered, got ready, and spent quality time with our loved ones like nothing ever happened.  They would ask “How was your walk with your friends?” And we all said the same thing. “It was fun, we went to the mall and saw a movie and went to Fridays.” Speaking of Friday,  Black Friday BBC is always nice! They never followed up, but it was great.   The concoction of drugs and DNA that was flowing through our bodies was ready to be washed away by brined turkey and stuffing. Then off to bed, now drugged with tryptophan, truly…living the American dream. The End. Looking for a holiday bedtime story? If so, be sure to call me for the best phone sex!

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