Black Friday BBC.

Holiday shopping is always a nightmare. The day after Thanksgiving is both a shopper’s dream for their wallet while managing to be an apocalyptic hell for their sanity. Every year waking up early, with the Karens shoving, and waiting in those long hellish lines, I needed a post-shopping pick me up. For as long as I can remember I’ve had a boyfriend waiting for me at home, ready to use his tongue as I please. Having just broken it off with my boyfriend of 5 years, I was wondering where I would find my release. I know there’s tinder and blah blah blah. I wanted something right away. No planning, no swiping, no searching. I realized I just needed some Black Friday BBC.

I first noticed Black Friday BBC the year before.

My boyfriend drove me that year because my car had gone to shit.  I was in the passenger seat of my boyfriend’s truck. We were driving around looking for parking when I saw the warehouse men of Macy’s unloading the trucks. They were so strong, so beautiful, and so…large.  I found myself having fantasies right then and there. I even made my boyfriend go down on me after we found a spot because I was so turned on. He had no idea it was because of the other men of course. I closed my eyes and thought of all of them passing me around, how they probably had massive cocks that would make my boyfriend’s cock seem insignificant, to say the least. All I wanted was that Black Friday BBC.

This Year would be a little different.

No boyfriend, but a new truck and arriving an hour before the mall even opened. There they were. Passing boxes, unloading pretty furniture, and absolutely fucking noticing me. I walked straight up to them. Without really saying much, I just unzipped my puffy jacket to show them how little was underneath and got ready for my Black Friday BBC. One of them gave me his hand and up I went into that warehouse. There were so many of them. It was warmer in there. They gathered around me and began helping me remove my clothing. Soon after, it was their turn. I would never have guessed they would be THAT big. It was a little nerve-racking, but my pussy didn’t seem to mind. I was soaked. Dripping actually. All for that Black Friday BBC.

This Black Friday BBC was all I needed for Christmas.

Their huge cocks fucking me every which way possible were so much better than waiting in lines. I thought one cock would be nice, but so many! Also so many at once, that was a new experience for me as well. But like all great things they must come to an end. But, if life couldn’t be any better, there was more in it for me than just Black Friday BBC. They started loading my truck with big items from the warehouse. Fuck Sales, fuck lines, all you need is Black Friday BBC!

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