Numerous naked women sit at a large round table.

Similarly, there are many such tables in a great hall. The atmosphere is one of decadence, that of a vast Thanksgiving Day fuck fest banquet. A feast for all the senses. All of the women seated atop a man’s tongue, his face is her chair at this fuck fest banquet. The men are on their backs, with heads between each woman’s spread thighs. All their hands hold onto the woman’s waists, the men’s legs emerging behind all the widespread bottoms.

Fuck fest banquet tables, you can see.

A chain crossing the female’s stomachs are attached to a restraint around the men’s wrists. Therefore, locking them both together at the fuck fest banquet. Each woman is linked together by nipple piercings and chained to the woman’s nipple piercings on either side of her. Underneath the table, this perverted locked connection continues. Each woman is wearing ankle cuffs, also connected by a chain. Her left foot chained to the woman’s right foot next to her, and the same on the other side. All around the table in a perfectly bound circle.

Locked together at the fuck fest banquet.

The male ‘seats’ have their legs up so that their hands on the girls’ waists make them seem like upturned turtles. They have their legs up in this position because another woman behind them is invading them. Dressed in nothing but a strap-on with a massive dildo secured in each O ring.

That is to say; they’re all buried deep inside each male’s ass at the fuck fest banquet.

With each thrust of the Dominatrix behind them, the men give a loud groan; of pain or pleasure, one can’t be sure. The noise combined with his tongue buried deep in her pussy gives the women at the fuck fest banquet even more reason to moan in sexual excitement. Riding on the man’s face, they reach orgasm all at the same time, and at the fuck fest banquet, orgasm again in just a few moments.

A white tablecloth adorned each tabletop.

Chocolate cake, truffles, and tiramisu, along with large bowls full of ice cream, cover the tables. So, the women feed each other, using their hands to push the chocolate, creamy messes into each other’s mouths and over each other’s breasts. They fill each other with increasing voracity, much too fast for the receiving mouth to be able to consume. Consequently, it spills out and down, over her already coated sticky breasts. It gathers in what would be her lap. Except there is no lap to catch the mess. With their ankles connected and legs spread, the mess splats down to cover their waxed smooth cunts. It completely obscures the eyes of the men underneath.

As I lay in my warm bed on Thanksgiving morning, all I want to do is orgasm!

In conclusion, my early morning tease continues repeating in my mind like an extended family fuck fest banquet, all for Thanksgiving pleasures. Naked writhing bodies. Pulled, teased skin from cruel bondage. The predicament of the girls at the fuck fest banquet. The sexual and physical hunger being attended to by the visual and physical feast, yet never satiated. As a result, it urges my imagination to craft even more perverse images to tease my mind and body. Slipping my fingers down until I find that slippery, wet spot between spread legs, imagining suffering tongues and painful nipples. So, I am satisfied, for now. 

What are you thankful for? Family fun, incest, or just some good ole fashion fetish phone sex? I love all the kinky and taboo phone sex fun we have together. Call me and tell me what you’re thankful for this Thanksgiving!