I was planning to delight myself with some early morning tease.

At first, the morning began the same as any other day except for the early morning tease I was planning to put myself through. The beaming sun is held back in its path to my eyes by the heavy curtains pulled closed. I wake at the same time every day, just before 5 am. I look at the clock, out of habit, 4:58 am. Wonderful. For once, I’m able to sleep in, and yet my body seems unable to stop itself from the routine it is custom. I enjoy the warmth of the thick comforter and the quiet house. I yawn and rub the sleep from my eyes so I can see once again. My husband has already left for work, well-rested.

However, I spent my night shifting in steamy dreams of lust and sex.

As I lay and feel the sensations of my body. My clit feels as if it was expertly pounded for hours by my lover. It was aching, throbbing, and pulsing to no end. My lover had not touched at all. The remands of dreams filter through my consciousness, our bodies entwined, the feeling of dreams of multiple orgasms, the taste of my lover on my lips. As a result, the early morning tease begins.

Consequently, I feel my pussy juices pooling underneath my early morning tease. My body needed to be pleased and right fucking now! Stretching out, like a cat, arching my back and luxuriating in the carnal physical feelings. I lick my lips. I have time to enjoy a little taste of self-satisfaction at the end of an exciting early morning tease session.

I’ve always been my favorite fuck toy.

I run my fingertips lightly over my soft thighs, trailing over them, moving slowly upwards but staying away from my scorching heat, where the juices act as a lure for my fingers. I softly tease the sides of my lips, soft, thin flesh where my leg meets my smooth, hairless pussy. Consequently, I denied myself the soft, supple wetness and warmth of plunging into my cunt. I take my time with this early morning tease. I suck in my breath, fingers feeling my sensuous curves, the corset waist above generous thick hips. I feel womanly, feminine, sexual, just like a predator. My pussy aches and yearns to be touched. Fondled, rubbed, probed, but not yet!

I can feel my passion.

I breathe out as my hands meet the fleshy mounds of my breasts, natural and soft, but well over a handful each. The nipples pucker up and thrill as my fingertips lightly brush over them and tease the responsive petal-pink points. After that, with a sudden low growl and insistent impatience, I scoop up each breast in a whole clutching handful and maul them, ending with a most importantly, firm pinch to the nipple to top off the nerve-tingling experience.

As I feel my body, I begin to get warm all over.

As a result, one hand reaches up to caress over my neck, my collarbone, sweeping downwards over both breasts. The other seeks out those soft silky folds, dripping with anticipation. I rub my fingers between this new wetness, to enjoy the slipperiness of it, hot flesh rubbing together, my trapped hand clamped between desperate thighs and sopping gushing pussy lips. Engorged lips that want to swallow my fingers. I relish the sensations of my lips rubbing over the thumb knuckle on my left hand, as my right enflames my lust further through nipple squeezes and early morning tease.


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