Sometimes being alone with my favorite fuck toy is all I need.

In times like this, with a crowded house, alone time is a virtue not taken lightly with schools being closed and families out of work. I know today was going to be my chance to break out my favorite fuck toy. My hubby got up early that morning to take the kids to visit their grandparents. I had opted to stay behind to catch up on some housework. I couldn’t even remember the last time my husband and I had sweet sensual lovemaking. To say it was rare these days was an understatement with everyone stuck in the house from the pandemic. Today was going to be for me, myself, and I. I’d even switched off the background chatter of the television.

The silence felt like an old friend.

My long absence quickly forgiven; it welcomed me back with an embrace filled with tantalizing potential. After simply enjoying the revitalizing silence for a few minutes, I wondered what I should do to make the best use of this alone time. The house could use some sprucing up, and laundry was behind. But my body had even better plans. The answer was pretty obvious, my trusty, reliable favorite fuck toy to the rescue.

Suddenly I was very aware of my big tits as they harden at my thoughts.

Just thinking about pulling out my favorite fuck toy had me hot and wet. This cougar cunt is hungry! I had most of the day to myself so, no need to rush. The front and back doors are locked, so I didn’t have to worry about getting caught. However, the curtains are pulled back, and I could see the street outside through the window.

Although it wasn’t a busy road, there were occasional passersby.

I imagined being spotted by one of them walking past, me sitting on the sofa, legs spread, pleasuring my aching cunt with my favorite fuck toy. I’m feeling like a little exhibitionist today. OK, I was getting horny now. So, I pulled out my favorite fuck toy and started nice and slow with the vibration on low. I laid back on the couch and worked it over my swollen clit. It felt as good if not better than any tongue. My nipples were hard and sensitive as I pinched them and ran my fingertip over each of them.

If anyone had walked by the uncovered window yet, I hadn’t noticed.

As I slide my favorite fuck toy up and down my clit, I started to daydream of very naughty thoughts. I forced myself to pay no attention to if anyone was walking past and let my private fantasies flow through my imagination raw and unfiltered. The most shocking thoughts from the darkest parts of my mind contributed to by stories, movies, friends, and my perverted mind. Filthy, disgusting ideas, outrageous images, humiliations and power and control, and abuse, degradation, and all the things that make my pussy hum. You know what I’m talking about if you’ve ever had the pleasure of playing with this naughty southern slut.

I wasn’t going to be able to hold back much longer.

As a result, my breathing got fast and heavy, and my clit was in spasms. It twitched, pulsated, and throbbed with pleasure, similarly, as if in convulsions. I plunged my favorite fuck toy deep inside my cunt. Bring my passion alive, where my desire was going to emanate from, where my orgasm would ignite. It wasn’t going to be much longer, either. My hips began to rise and fall with my thrust.

I got up and sat on my favorite fuck toy so I could straddle it and ride.

Therefore, I turned the vibration to high; my climax was cumming to a head at this point. As a result, I couldn’t hold back anymore. I forgot everything else, but the last few nasty fantasies that were dirtying up my mind and helping me over the edge. I gave myself over to my orgasm. As a result, I cried out but not too loud. I did cause a wet spot on the sofa, which later proved difficult to explain, especially when coupled with such a smug, self-satisfied smile on my face, and the smell of sex in the air that I tried to cover with Febreze.

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