Thanksgiving family fun is what the holidays are for! I look forward to the holiday celebrations the whole year.

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It gets me really wet when I demand my mom come into my bedroom to lick the cum out of me.

Her husband’s cum of course! It must taste even better mixed with my pussy juices and cum. I love riding her face while I am sucking on daddy’s cock. It tastes so good and I love how it feels being in charge of my mom. I know that I can make her do anything I want. She doesn’t even get mad when I skip school now. Besides even if she were to pitch a fit, I would just claim on top of her to eat me out.

I guess that is where Thanksgiving comes in. Now that I’m older and I come back home from college. It’s the few times a year that I can make my mom eat daddy’s cum out of me now.

She can slave all day in the kitchen preparing a good meal, while her husband is fucking her only daughter. I have to make sure I have a few loads of cum in me before she gets the luxury of tasting me. Thanksgiving was amazing. I made her use her tongue to scoop up all the cum. But I have very exciting plans for the Christmas holiday!


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