What sex games do you like to play?

Well, today, I would love to tell you about the sex games that Raven and I like to play. Trust me, it’s way better than any other lesbian sex story. Raven is one sexy MILF and she always turns heads when she’s on the way over to my house to play our little game. We have our own little role play game you see. A roleplay that most guys would do anything just to watch, but until now, we have both kept it our little secret. Raven and I have so much freaky fun together and it all starts when she knocks on my door.

When I answer, she finds me in a stringy pink thong with a matching triangle bikini top that barely covers my perky tits. She loves it when I wear it since she bought it for me.

See, Raven loves to spoil her little princess.

And I love playing with my gorgeous Mommy. She comes in and takes her coat off. I love what she wears whenever we play. The garter belts make her ass look so perfect and yummy. She knows exactly what her body does to me. It makes me really weak.

After she undresses down to her sexy lingerie, she takes my hand and leads me upstairs to my bedroom. Then she carefully guides her hand down underneath my panties. I’m always soaking wet for our play dates. She lies down on my bed and spread her legs wide open. I know exactly what to do, and I get in between her long legs. Then I move her panties to the side and start to taste her pussy with my tongue. Her pussy juices are so addicting and I can never stop without her squirting her juices and cream right in my mouth and on my face. Raven just tastes so good!

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 Mommy Raven

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