Thank you, daddy, for all that you have done for me. 

This thank you, daddy, isn’t to my actual father, but to all the daddies I’ve ever talked to and played with when I wanted to be a little more submissive. You know, when I’m shy or bratty and want someone to completely own me in bed. Those daddies are the ones I’m talking to. 

Daddy always takes care of my needs. If I’m sleepy, my daddy brings me breakfast in bed. If I need a little pick-me-up, he gets it for me at the office. He takes care of me, his baby girl, and I love it. When I’m daddy’s center of attention, my world comes together, you know? 

And though I try to be a good girl, I confess, there are times I’m a brat. When daddy gives me his cc to spoil myself, sometimes I overspend just to get a spanking. Daddy always knows I’ll return the items I don’t really want, but he makes sure to smack me right on my thick juicy ass anyway. Because he knows what I want is to be over his lap, the focus of his attention in his dark, clean bedroom. Smacking my ass ensures he’s going to be focused on me, my white bare skin under the heavy hits of his palm. 

Thank you, daddy. You always know what I need, don’t you? That’s what a girl wants more than anything, and you always give it to me. Not just my emotional and material needs, but also my sexual ones, right? I mean, you always know what I want, daddy. 

And you know how to give it to me. 

My Sexual Needs

Sometimes I just need my daddy to hold me while he fucks into me gently. Daddy sucks on my breasts while grinding his cock inside me, making me feel more like a woman than anyone else in the world. If my hands aren’t gripping your hair, they are in your soft jersey sheets. Sometimes your passion envelops me and makes me feel so loved and special. I cum again and again on your cock, but you don’t cum or pull out until I’m a shaking, quivering mess that can’t even speak. 

Or when I’m hot and horny in the middle of the night, you know to wake up and roll on your back. Since I can’t help it, you pull out your cock and let me ride you, even though you’re half asleep. My pussy needs filling, and you know I’ll do all the work. Thank you, daddy, for letting me ride you until I just pass out on top of you. I love the feeling of both of us asleep as you soften inside me. 

Or, my favorite, daddy, is when you just use me. You fill up my pussy like a toy, just drilling yourself into my tight, wet heat. You push me over the edge again and again, but you’re focusing on you, and how good you feel inside me. I love when you’re rough with me, and use me as a good breeding bitch. 

Thank you, daddy!


If you ever want to be my daddy and have some hot phone sex, call!

I’m waiting for you! 🙂 

Thank You Daddy