Thank God for Masturbation Pleasures! Image how uptight everyone would be if there was no form of self-sexual release.   Amen for masturbation phone sex!  Soft whispers, erotic descriptions, sultry gasps – it’s a wonderful way to experience guided masturbation, as well as mutual masturbation phone sex.  Something is better than nothing!! Don’t get me wrong masturbation never compares to real, sizzling hot, one on one body slamming sex. But it does bridge the gap, especially when you are horny as hell.

Early one morning a few months ago, while Dean was away in Australia on a business trip. I found myself rather horny and in need of masturbation phone sex. The 15 hour time difference always added a little challenge.   My day was his night – sometimes I couldn’t wait – I wanted to play.   I wanted to play now.   Waiting for the phone to ring was the hardest part.  Getting your hard wasn’t even a challenge.  It didn’t take much to get him or any man’s engine revved up to play.   I guess it’s the sultry whispers of my phone sex voice that just drives a man crazy.

One morning I woke up horny as hell.  You know what I am saying.  I couldn’t help myself  – I was laying in my bed, my mind and hands started to wander.  My nipples were erect and my pussy was wet with excitement.   Gently sliding around my silky sheets, erotic thoughts filled my head.  The image of men masturbating – holding on and lingering to my every word drove me insane. Your breathing grew more intense on the phone as I described what I was doing to myself.

I couldn’t help how aroused I became. By this time, my nipples were already hard, as I took off my little pink T-shirt and rub them.  Slowly I removed my pretty lace panties, exposing my bald wet pussy. Gently I rubbed my hands over my pussy and I could feel it was already wet.  My breathing changed with each touch. Gliding my fingers over my clit, smoothly making little circular motions. Teasing and pleasuring myself  – pushing all the right buttons.  Lots of mutual masturbation phone sex. Lingering in the right areas, as I slowly moved my fingers to my ass teasing my luscious tight hole.  Imagining long hours of ass worship and pussy worship phone sex.

I opened my eyes long enough to catch a glimpse of myself in my long mirror. Slowly describing to Dean the vision of beauty.  My sensuous body was craving more. I wanted to explore my body from head to toe. Laying back on my bed,  I spread my soft pussy lips apart.  With each passing second, I was getting more excited.

My pussy was saturated with my warm wet juices and my pink swollen clit is so hard. I began to rub myself, as I thought of a big hard cock fucking me.  Slowly rubbing my wet clit in tiny circular motions as my juices poured down my ass.  I didn’t want to cum, but it felt so good – I kept edging myself to the point and pulling back.   I could hear Dean’s breathing change as he listened to me playing.

The feeling, the rush that empowered my body was like no other.   I wanted this experience to linger. Slowly  I worked my finger up and down from my clit to my tight wet hole.  My juices started to soak the sheets, as the aroma of my wet pussy filled the air.   I eased my middle finger into my saturated pussy. Good, it felt so good. Dean began coaxing me “Touch yourself, babe, make yourself feel good.”

Nothing compares to the feeling of masturbation phone sex. Bringing yourself to the point of no return. I lifted my hips from the bed, released a moan of pure pleasure as I pushed two fingers deep into my dripping wet cunt. Closing my eyes – working my fingers deeper.  With my eyes, closed I continued fucking my pussy.  Wishing it was your cock was slamming me and taking me to the most mind explosive phone sex ever.  My descriptions are graphics of how wet my pussy was as I slide closer to the mirror.

I wanted this to be the most mind explosive masturbation phone sex experience for the both of us.  I slowly eased my fingers out of my dripping wet snatch – gliding my fingers around my dripping wet hole.  Moving my hand back to my clit. My fingers were so drenched with my pussy juices. I licked my fingers to taste my sweet nectar.  The taste of pure ecstasy – a flavor I tasted so many times on your tongue.  The way you would kiss me deeply after french kissing my pussy for hours.

Returning my fingers to my playground of pleasure. I roamed over my clit.  My pussy wanting to explode hard and fast. Slowing down the pace, I just teased myself, fantasizing about taking control of your cock – maybe a little-guided masturbation phone sex, CEI – even JOI. You could never refuse the power of the pussy.   I could get you to do anything and everything.

At this point – so many thoughts filled my head – I desperately wanted a big huge cock inside my wet pussy.  Dean suggested we turn on the cam – so I could watch him masturbate for me. He knew this would throw me over the edge.   Watching a guy jerk off was always a major turn on to me.   Playful exhibitionist phone sex – exposing – teasing – touching – exploring!  Always wanting a little more. A visual enticement maybe even a little voyeurism phone sex – I wanted to watch him touch his hard throbbing cock.   Stroking it for me.   Telling me over and over how bad he missed my tight wet holes. At that moment, I imagined him rubbing his cock harder as I coaxed him along to the next level.

Describing in-depth details of me playing with my tight wet pussy. Biting my lower pouty lip in pleasure as I grabbed my 8-inch glass dildo and slide it into my already drenched pussy.  Eagerly,  I spread my pussy lips and slipped it deeper. Slowly penetrating myself – pushing it in and out. Teasing myself as I watch in the mirror. Attempting to describe in detail – between ever deep breath.   Easing it in- softly grinding my hips in a humping motion. I kept watching myself in the mirror, fucking my pussy. As my soft moans became a little louder.   My pussy was now dripping wet and almost ready to explode.

There you are on my screen – I am watching you and watching myself in the mirror as I pleasure myself.  The feeling is so intense as it takes over my whole body.  I trail my fingers up my stomach to my breast and tweaking my aroused nipples. Pinching and squeezing them. I then suck my sweet pussy juice off my drenched fingers. Mmm, I tell you how sweet my pussy tastes.   It drives you insane – you are about to explode with me.  I take the dildo and slide it into my pussy while on my knees. I describe to you how I am riding your cock and using it like a fucking post.

Feeling every inch go deeper into my wet cunt.  You stroke your cock harder – thrusting your hips up – driving your cock in and out as it presses against my G-Spot. Oh god, it feels so good. I can’t help myself – I can feel an orgasm coming. It’s so intense. Riding until I could not take it any longer. Pulling it back out and rubbing my clit with it until I began to cum. I arched my back making my breast stick out farther. My moans could almost be heard in the next state over.

Thank God for Masturbation Pleasures! Ready to have some Naughty fun?

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