Text chat sessions are a lot of fun. However, you may be asking yourself, why would one want a purely text-based session versus hot phone sex? Well for starters, we have all been stuck in the situation where we find ourselves very horny but unable to do anything about it. A text chat session is a sexy and discreet way to take care of your needs.

Surely, you can picture the moment in your own head as you are reading this right now. It is the middle of the day and you are stuck in another boring day at work. That is until the new young and hot temp shows up wearing a very tight sexy skirt and blouse barely covering her big breast. 


All day you find yourself sneaking glimpses of her hoping she will bend over just right. Finally, when the time comes she is dropping off a memo to your desk. She is fully aware of her effect on men. Therefore when she hands you the important message from your company executives that you probably also received via email with her tits in your face she knows she has now left you with a woody at your desk. You can even imagine her walking away with a very cocky smirk on her lips. Leaving you now stuck in a rather stiff position. Tease and denial at its finest! I fucking love it!

How This Text Chat Session Is Going To Save Your Job

Although you are still at work you know that you have to get rid of this predicament you now have. You are fully aware of the size of your erection and how obviously visible it will be to the rest of your staff at the office. However, there is no way to get it to go down at this point. After all, the new office eye candy is still hovering over your floor making it very tricky to calm down. As flashes of the dirty things, you would do to that office slut play across your mind you know you have to find relief.


That is when you decide to reach out and book yourself text chat sessions to relieve the pressure. After all, watching porn on the office computer for everyone to see is way too risky. Not to mention the embarrassment you would get should your boss call you into his office about your NSFW browser history. Likewise, as much fun as it would be, calling my phone sex hotline would be next to impossible. Although it would be hard for your peers to hear your conversation in your ear. Personally, you have a big need to fill the operator in on your side of what’s going on, so silence from you is not an option.

How To Get The Most From Your Text Chat Sessions

Text chat sessions are a ton of fun. With this day and age, there are so many platforms to choose from whenever it comes to the convenience of your session. So there is always a way for you to find your preferred method of receiving your naughty suggestions. Simply dial up the phone sex hotline babe of your choice and purchase your session. You don’t have to worry about your coworkers hearing anything risky during this part. After all, your discretion is very important to me. Therefore to your cubicle friends, it will simply sound like you are making a purchase on Amazon. You can even text me ahead of time to let me know that you are at work and need to keep billing as brief and professional as possible.


Then, sit back and enjoy your session. Tell me about everything that is going on in front of you. Feel free to explain all the dirty feelings the new temp is doing to you. Allow yourself to express everything you would want to do to her free from judgment that might come to you during this pc era of women. When it comes to your explosion? Just let yourself release in your pants right at your desk. In no time your woody will go down and you can safely now skurry to the bathroom and clean up your mess. Problem solved and crisis averted, at least till she returns the following day.

What Are Some Great Places For Text Session


  • Stuck in the back of your carpool van during traffic.
  • Visiting the family for the holidays and sharing a room with your crazy Aunt.
  • Workplace engagements.
  • In your hospital bed while sharing a room with a fabric divider.
  • At the beach with your friends.
  • During a college lecture.
  • In a packed airport terminal.
  • Trapped in bed next to a sleeping wife/girlfriend.


Truly, there is no situation that cannot be spiced up a little more by booking text chat sessions. Discover the unlimited possibilities with this fun way to play today.

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