Interracial sex stories usually appear the same way. Pretty white lady with her creamy white skin taking the large throbbing boner of her black stud. Or, perhaps the roles are reversed. An Ebony Queen allowing her white stud to penetrate her perfect pink perfection. However, my interracial experience in this story pays particular homage to a well undervalued brown cock. In appreciation of Pacific Islander Heritage Month, I want to share with you a very erotic situation I found myself in when I accompanied a friend of mine to his friend’s backyard pig roast. You’ll love my first interracial experience with the tan and toned men of the Pacific!


The Pacific Islands are made up of three major groups; Micronesians, Melanesians, and Polynesians. Each with their own styles and traditions. However, they all don a very hot brown glow and rather large cocks. On this particular day, I was pushed into a yard full of the most attractive Hawaiian men. Each with their own set of chiseled abs and gorgeous long black hair. Agreeing to go to the festivities thinking it would be a sort of family event, and quickly finding out that this was not the case. However, much to my surprise it was a buffet of perfect man meat just itching to have its way with me. Perhaps that was just my own naughty wish at first.

Showing Up To The Party, Hiding My Own Naughty Desires

So obviously my first interracial experience did not just happen right off the bat. Surely, you would love to skip right to the text chat sessions sex climax, but I want to lay a little bit of background first. Rounding the corner into the back yard my senses went into overload. Treating my nose to the aromas of good food. The sounds of rhythmic music filled my ears. Tempting desires blinded my eyes. Receiving another deposit of fresh creamery from my horny puss with every new friend he was introducing me to. My white thong was quickly soaking with my pussy juices. Clearly, my puss was loving this steamy interracial experience!


Flashes of the naughty escapades I could get into with the group of men began to flash across my mind as my nipples hardened in my black dress. However, I was very committed to being a classy lady at this event. That was until the drinks and Kava started flowing. In case you are not aware Kava is a native drink to the islands. Although the taste is not very pleasant the effects of this unique concoction are very unique. It leaves their drinkers feeling very relaxed, lowering their anxieties and inhibitions. Likewise, increasing their sociability. As you can imagine that paired with a few shots later my line to stay classy was certainly being crossed.

My Interracial Sex Fantasy Can’t Be Avoided With All These Studs

Obviously, as the evening unfolded; I began to feel oh so well. Flashes of naughty things that we’re playing in my mind could not be avoided. It started innocently enough. With hands-on my hips, I danced to the rhythm of the music allowing it to take control of my body. Completely immersing myself in it. Suddenly I found myself sandwiched between two of the studs. My hands began to explore the body of the man in front of me. At that point, I can’t even recall what his name was. However, his body was flawless as it directed my hands down its chiseled lines against his perfect package tucked away in his pants.


Interracial Experience


This is when the real fun began as he was not shy to pull it right out for my hand to explore a little further. My hands could barely grip around the full width of his flaccid penis. Instantly I creamed my already dripping wet panties, my jaw-dropping at the shock of his massive size. He began to pulsate in my hand as it stroked him up to the excitement. Then, another stood beside us. His cock dropped in my free hand. I stood in shock stroking the two eager suitors’ huge cocks in my hand as the rest of the group began to surround me. Seizing the moment, they took the opportunity with my jaw open to push on my head for their dicks to be deposited into my mouth.

Interracial Experience Turns Into A Backyard Gangbang

Of course, at this point men were all over me. There was no opportunity to say yes, no, or anything at all as their meat sticks took turns stuffing the back of my throat at a quick pace. Suddenly, one of the guys is hoisting me into the air as he beings to stuff himself inside of my dripping wet pussy. Moaning out I begged for more. Quickly, another stuffed himself inside of my ass. They began using me as their backyard get-together fuck slut for each and every one of their massive boners, all I could do was beg for more!


Dripping wet from orgasming so many times and stripped of all clothing by the end this interracial phone sex slut knelt before all of their throbbing fuck sticks begging for their loads. They surrounded me stroking themselves hard. Suddenly, ropes of thick white cum began to rain down all over my face. It was the perfect bukkake backyard finish to my night and I am sure theirs as well. Clearly, I was invited to loads more backyard cookouts after this, to which I attended, every, single, time.

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