Do you, or anyone you know, own TENS unit?

What do you or that person use the TENS unit for? There are many purposes for this quirky little tool, but the main purpose, I believe, is pain management. The tool is placed on the muscle, not on or near the heart. It is a sticky little strip not unlike something you would see in a hospital. Then, you select the level that is appropriate for you and shock yourself into good health! Wala! Buuutt, for those with masochistic tendencies,  a different sensation may occur. The thrill of being shocked arouses many.

I bought one of these bad boys for my migraines. Needless to say, the TENS unit did not do much for my migraines. I placed them up the back of my neck for muscle tension. Then, I set the device to a lower setting and gave it a go. Not a very comfortable sensation at all. Certainly not high up on my neck. But the way it made my muscles contract gave me other ideas… There were four pads on the specific tool that I had. Some have more, and some have less. I have taken a fair amount of classes having to do with anatomy, the reproductive system, physiology, and kinesiology.

I knew some great places to put these.

My top places were the lower abdomen, the lower back, and basically anywhere on the thighs. The closer to the genitalia that I stuck, the better/scarier. I knew that having it at the top of my neck near the base of my skull was really just not my thing. But, what if I put it lower, like, way lower. I took the sticky tabs and put two on each side, in between my hip bones. They were rather low on my pelvis right above the pubic bone. Then, I took the other two and placed them on my inner thigh, right around the groin muscle.

I set the TENS unit setting real low and began. I felt a sting, unlike anything I have ever felt before. If you combined a burn and getting hit by a bunch of pins and needles and a light stabbing pain, you would have electrocution. It was so odd and so frightening. It felt like a sensation that my body was definitely not supposed to be experiencing.  My muscles surrounding the strip visibly contracted every time a jolt hit me. You could visually see it beneath my skin whenever a contraction occurred.

Like most things that scare me, it excited me as well.

I gave it another kick. How disturbing! But…How fascinating. It made me want to gasp and crawl out of my skin. My immediate next thought was, it’s time to combine this with some masturbation! So, I carefully selected something that would combine well with the pulsing feeling that the TENS unit gave me.  My choice was my clit sucker. I grabbed my clit sucker with the tabs still attached to me. Then, I put it over my clit and turned it on low. I waited until I felt all warmed up before giving myself another little jolt.

It grew harder and harder to hit the button again, and this time, I turned it up. I was terrified and excited. The fear had my heart pounding. I hit the TENS unit again. Everything zinged, and my heart pounded harder. I left the clit sucker on my clit and turned that up. I left it on and only increased it as I  gave myself another jolt. My palms began sweating, and my knees shook. My teeth were clenched. Then, I turned the vibrator way up. I could feel my clit throbbing and my legs tensing. I hit it once more.

Heat, discomfort, and painful static crept up my legs, pussy, and lower abdomen.

As my whole pussy throbbed, I felt myself nearing orgasm. I just held the vibrator there and turned the unit up to one more notch. I felt myself cum as the electricity left my body, and I shuddered hard. It was like a creeped-out and aroused shudder combined, which, oddly, is a fantastic combination. I pulled the tabs off and collapsed to my side with my heart slamming with adrenaline.

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