Life With Roommates

I love to tease my roommate, Kyle. Because of the pandemic, Kyle and I are both working from home. In his downtime, his favorite hobby is to jack off. I can hear the porn playing in his room all day long. I swear this guy has to be one of the horniest people that I have ever met. We made a pact from the start that we would never hook up because it would jeopardize the roomie relationship. But that doesn’t mean I can’t tease him by leaving my tempting dirty panties around the house.

Teasing Him By Accident

It all started by accident. I had just taken a shower and left my laundry on the floor for five minutes while I went into my bedroom to change. During that short time, Kyle went into the bathroom and saw my black satin panties sitting in my skirt on the floor. When I came out of my room, I saw Kyle standing there in the bathroom completely stiff. Honestly, he looked like he had seen a ghost. Then I leaned into the doorway and realized what he was staring at.

Jokingly, I asked, “Are you scared of my dirty clothes? Are my tempting dirty panties making it hard for you to use the bathroom?”

Teasing Him On Purpose

My voice snapped him out of his trance-like state. He didn’t say anything but instead gave me a nervous chuckle. I could tell that he was embarrassed that he was staring at my tempting dirty panties for so long. Then I leaned over and picked them up so that he wouldn’t have to worry about them any longer. When I brought my clothes back to my room, a mischievous idea popped up in my head. I decided to take my dirty panties and set them on his bed. Then I hid in his closet to see a close-up of his reaction.

My Tempting Dirty Panties

Kyle came back into the room and walked around a bit. I held in my laugh as I patiently waited for him to find my tempting dirty panties. When he finally spotted them, he pinched them between his fingers and picked them up. I was just about to jump out of the closet and tease him when I saw something insane! Kyle took my panties with both hands and pressed them into his face. I heard him take a deep inhale to breathe in my scent. My roommate is a dirty panty sniffer! What the hell?

Dirty Panty Sniffer

I hid in his closet, too afraid to come out and confront him now. Kyle walked over to his bedroom door and shut it tight. Then he crawled back in bed with my panties. I watched in horror as he started to undo his pants and pull out his cock. I couldn’t believe my dirty panties made him this excited. He laid my panties over his face and started to jack off. After a few sniffs and a few strokes, Kyle wrapped my panties around his cock and started to pump even faster. I heard him grunt before watching his cock drain into my panties. My black satin now had gooey white cum dripping down from every angle. 

Then he cleaned himself up and threw my panties in his laundry basket. When he left his room to wash his hands, I snuck out of his closet and back to my room. Trying to process the events that just took place, my hand wandered into my fresh panties. I rubbed my clit until I soaked myself and created a whole new pair of tempting dirty panties for my roommate’s next jerk-off session.

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