Slumber Party Surprise

I was staying over at my best friend’s house the other night and the craziest thing happened! It was just supposed to be a normal night. Our slumber parties usually consist of lounging around in our underwear, watching movies, eating snacks, and trading gossip. However, this time was different because her older brother, Jason, was visiting home from college. I have always had a crush on Jason and having him home meant we would have to keep our clothes on. Boring, right? What wasn’t boring was finding out that Jason is a dirty panty sniffer!

My Best Friends HOT Brother

The night was just getting started. My bestie and I were on the couch when Jason walked in the front door. We were surprised to see him since he hadn’t been home in months and never told anyone that he was coming. We invited him to sit with us and catch us up on all of his college adventures. Jason made his way over to the couch and sat down right next to me. Our bodies were so close, it was hard to play it off and pretend I wasn’t interested. As he told us his stories, I swear I felt him move closer and closer to me by the minute.

Our thighs were basically on top of one another and all I wanted to do was straddle him and ride his cock right then! But, of course, I couldn’t do that. Jason is my best friend’s brother and I was just going to have to get over this silly crush eventually. Or was I? Then I felt Jason’s hand rest on my thigh as he continued sharing his story. I was getting so worked up, I had to go take care of my urges. So I stood up and headed for the bathroom.

Masturbating in the Shower

I stripped down in the guest bathroom and turned on the shower. A hot shower and a little bit of pussy pleasing was sure to get my mind out of the gutter. Was I reading into it all wrong? There was no way that Jason was trying to seduce me in front of his sister. Then, I touched myself to rid my naughty thoughts. The warm water felt so good and my finger triggered orgasm felt even better! I just hope that they didn’t hear my hushed moans in the bathroom!

It wasn’t until someone knocked on the door when I finally hopped out and stopped playing with myself. I wrapped up in a towel and left my clothes on the floor so that Jason could use the restroom. There was a tight squeeze as I walked out of the door and Jason made his way in. All I could think about were my panties left in plain sight as Jason shut the door on me. I had hoped he would just ignore it. I didn’t know I had left my panties right in front of a dirty panty sniffer!

Jason Is a Dirty Panty Sniffer!

I went back in to get my clothes after Jason finished. To my surprise, my black panties were missing! I didn’t want to make a big deal of it, but I knew that Jason had to have them. I went over to his room and saw him sitting on his bed with my panties pressed into his face. This dirty panty sniffer wanted me to catch him. He held my panties out to tease me and quickly brought them back up to his nose for another whiff. I couldn’t believe this panty-sniffing pervert could be so cocky when all I had to do was call out to my best friend and expose his dirty fetish!

Then, I decided to use his cockiness to my advantage. I shut his door behind me quietly and made my way over to the dirty panty sniffer. The urges flooded back into me and I did what I wanted to do on the couch. I straddled Jason and took my panties from his hand. I was grinding my short shorts up and down his thighs. His cock was hard from the scent of my pussy on my panties. I fed my panties into his mouth and made him suck off the taste. Then I laid him back on the bed and asked him if he wanted to taste the real thing!

Cream My Panties

Little did I know how into panties Jason really was. When I started to slide off my panties, he begged me to leave them on. He wanted to tease my clit through them and get them nice and wet. After a while, Jason made the big move and flipped me over onto my back. He pulled out his throbbing cock and pushed my panties to the side. I knew this dirty panty sniffer wanted to fill these up and keep the scent of our secret sex in a second pair of panties. So, I let him.

I got to fuck my crush and he got to fill his panty pervert desires. I let him keep both pairs and now the dirty panty sniffer picks out and buys panties for me to wear and fuck him in! Sleepovers just got a little bit more exciting! I can’t wait to go back to my best friend’s house again soon!

Do you love sniffing panties? Have you ever tried on a pair? Sometimes you just can’t help yourself! I’ll help you. Call Natalie for fetish phone sex!