Who stole my panties?

It was no question when my panties started to disappear one by one that there was a panty sniffing pervert living under the same roof! I know he must have thought he was being sneaky, but come laundry day I realized that I had absolutely zero panties in my laundry basket! Questions began piling up in my head and it was time to find this dirty panty sniffing pervert and out him! Who is stealing my panties? What are they doing with them?

Plan to catch the panty perv!

I knew I had to be sly if I wanted to catch the panty perv in the act. So, I came up with a perfect scheme. I wore my last pair of black bikini cut panties and grabbed my vibrator. The panties are satin and silky smooth and hold the scent of my pussy well up until I put them into the wash. I turned on my vibrator and started to tease my juicy pussy through my panties. The goal was to have them soaked in my pussy juices to lure in the panty sniffing pervert with my sweet aroma.

Soaking my panties in pussy juices

Maybe it was the scheming and the anticipation of figuring out where all of my panties went, but my vibrator has never satisfied me the way it was right at that moment. I felt my pussy drip sweet creamy pussy juice into the black cloth and the smell of my pleasure filled the room. As I masturbated all night long, I knew the panty stealer was growing impatient waiting for his next dirty panty delivery. But, I wasn’t done brewing my masterpiece. I wore my panties all day and night the following day, as I knew no panty sniffer would be able to resist.


The next day, I woke up and acting as if everything was normal. I slid off my perfect panties and placed them at the very top of my dirty laundry. Then I went to say goodbye to my family and left the house for the day. Or so they thought. As a part of my scheme, I snuck back in through my bedroom window and hid in my closet to wait for the panty sniffing pervert thief! I sat there for what felt like hours. Then, I saw him.

My Little Brother is a Panty Sniffing Pervert!!!

My younger brother crept into my room. He was quiet and stealthy. Of course it would be him! A blossoming teenage boy with growing curiosity is going to get as close to pussy as he came, no matter the circumstance. I watched as he opened the lid of my laundry and pulled out the panties slowly. Then, I jumped out of the closet and caught him. He stood there like a deer in the headlights. His eyes were shifting from mine to my panties and back.

“Just what do you think you are doing, Joe?!”

He was frozen still. I could tell that he wasn’t sure whether he wanted to run or sniff them. I could smell myself off of my panties from 5 feet away.

“Joe, I know you have been stealing my panties. Sit on my bed or I will go tell mom right now!”

So, he sat. There was no way he would want me to tell mom.

“I want you to tell me exactly what you have been doing with all of my panties, Joe.”

Little Brother Craves his Big Sister’s Pussy

We sat in silence because he was too nervous and intimidated to speak. I knew I had scared him half to death jumping out at him like that so I placed my hand on his knee to ease the tension. Only, it didn’t ease all of the tension. It increased the tension in his pants. I saw my little brother’s cock begin to grow and the bulge was larger than I had expected. At that very moment, all of his cares faded away. He had been caught with my panties and now had a boner in front of his sister. He didn’t care what happened next. Then he shoved those panties into his face and inhaled my juices right in front of me. What a dirty little panty sniffing pervert!

Masturbating in front of Sister

With one hand he started to slide into the rim of his pants and touch himself. With the other, he was rubbing the panties all over his face. His tongue licked the liner and his cock began to throb even more. My little brother was masturbating in front of me. All of the fear of me telling went out the window. I couldn’t help but get turned on as I watched him. Then, just like that, all of my fear went away too.

“Joe…do you want to taste the real thing? You have been sniffing my panties long enough. I know you crave my pussy. Put the panties down and come taste me already.”

His eyes shot open with excitement, but he didn’t set the panties down. Instead, I watched him slide his pants down and off his body. Without breaking eye contact, he slipped the panties up his legs and around him. His bulge was so big through my silky black panties. Then, he said the first words for the whole time we had been together.

“Natalie, I do love the taste of your panties. I love the scent and I have been craving you. But, there is one more thing that I really crave. I have always wanted to cream your pussy ad let my cum fill up these panties. So, I have been cumming in your panties each day just waiting for this moment.”

I FUCKED my Little Brother

That did it for me. He craved me so much and has been fantasizing about me for so long, how could I resist him. I laid back on my bed and hiked up my skirt. He leaned in and started to kiss on my pussy lips. My brother was licking my sweet pussy and licking it good! He was making me squirm and shake with only his tongue. I just couldn’t wait to feel him inside of me. At that moment, he slid the panties down only a little.

The fabric was squeezing gently against his full balls and his cock slid inside of me. Just as he had hoped, I creamed all of his cock as he shot that massive load inside of me. My panty sniffing pervert for a brother and I came to an agreement. In return for my panties, I would let him cream my pussy and keep one pair per week. So glad I had a little brother and not a bratty little sister!

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